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Results For Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 2 : Tide Of Time

Sorry folks. I will admit that I have been pretty much a busy bee since past few days. I’l also admit that it is due to the fact that I am one single person trying to do so many things all at one time. And then of course you know that story of the man who puts his leg in two different boats at the same time ( or was it really that sort of story really?)

Anyway, my last contest ended on the 10th of March with pretty much less entries than the one I had before that. But this hasn’t disappointed me because the entries I got made up for everything.

They were all really great and it surprises me how wonderfully talented people can be (although deep down inside they will still insist that they are not great writers 😛 )

So without further ado, the winner of Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 2 : Tide Of Time is,  Continue reading

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Contest “Tide Of Time” Has Been Extended…

So my second contest “Picture Worth your Words Contest 2 : Tide Of Time” has been extended till the 10th Of March.

At first when I got just one entry when the deadline came, I decided something.

One one moonless night, when the wolves are crying (whatever that they do), the winds are rustling and the entire place is dead asleep, I would get up from my cozy bed, look left and right to make sure no one was around and then…..


I would close the contest and no one would ever know.


But then 2 bloggers suggested that I extend the date so I said to myself, Oh shax, well I guess my evil plan won’t be needed anymore :P.

So people, Picture Worth Your Words Contest 2 : Tide Of Time is still on and really on this time. Hop in, participate and send the link to as many bloggers you know. Reblog the contest page, so that your followers would know.

Don’t disappoint me baby or else, My shovel is ready and the next moonless night, It could be YOU 😛

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Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 2 : The Tide Of Time


Hello Awesome Bloggers,

I am back with a new contest. This time its a little spicier than before. for those of you who do not know about my previous contest, Here is what it was “Picture Worth Your Words Contest.”

The contest is basically just to discover more bloggers and be discovered among the rest. I have found so many talented, humorous, funny, awesome and amazing bloggers from my previous contest (they gave me hell lot of torture in deciding the winner lol).

As you all can see I have named this contest as “Tide Of Time” so this is a Picture + Word Prompt contest. 

Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 2 : The Tide Of Time

Below are three Picture Prompts which are yet again deep, meaningful and have a lot of unsaid words and emotions hidden in them. You have to pick one picture that speaks to you the most and then use the word prompt as hint.

And most of all, Don’t forget to have fun. Find other bloggers, read their entries, comment on them and discover the awesome world of bloggers. Each so unique, different and talented in their own way.

Continue reading

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Reminder : Contest Ends In About 4 Days :)

This is just a reminder to everyone that “Picture Worth Your Words Contest” ends in about 4 days.

Those of you who have already submitted their entries, thank you so much. You guys are the best :).

Those of you who thought that they would participate but are being lazy enough to write, well did you know that typing gives a very good exercise to your finger bones which in turn increases the blood circulation to the heart leading to a healthy life and a glowing skin :P.

So start typing and have a healthy life and skin. (Rofl)

And for those of you who thought they would not participate at all…. *OUCH* that really did hurt 😦 😦 😦

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Picture Worth Your Words Contest (Closed)…

Update (16th January) : Contest Closed For Judging

Okay so few days back I announced a contest at “A Contest Coming Up… Participate And Spread The Fire…” for 6th January, 2012 and here it is.

I have the pictures and you have the words :). Look at the picture carefully. Choose which ever picture speaks to you the most and then write down whatever comes to your mind. Don’t give it a second thought because second thoughts come from your mind while first thoughts come from heart.

It can be a blog, poem, story, dialogue, quote…. Simply anything in your words.

Depress me, impress me, make me smile or make me sad….  But your words should impact me…

Picture Worth Your Words Contest.

Below are three Picture Prompts that I found too deep and reflecting different ideas. The first one is my personal favorite, while second one speaks a million words to me all in the same time and third is highly intriguing. Continue reading

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