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Letter # 2 : Dear Little Bundle Of Joy

Dear Little Bundle Of Joy,

I have been complaining about my severe back pain specially in the sleepless nights as I toss and turn in bed to find a position that would pain less. I tie rolls of bandages on my legs because otherwise my legs hurt me to tears. I hate going to the hospitals with screaming pains only to find that now I have to do several tests and exams.

I suddenly came under depression. I thought I cannot go through all this. I thought I cannot do this. I thought I would crash soon.

But you know what???

Yesterday, for the first time, I felt your movement very clearly. I felt it once. Then again and then again. My pure little angel, those 3 distinct movement, I cannot express to you how wonderful they were. They were so distinct and so clear and I knew it was you.

Today I felt you move again.  Continue reading

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Sometimes…Darkness Helps You See Wonderful Things

Painting Of A Mother & Child At The Window

Mommy!!! Mommy!!! Where have you been?
You said you would come back by daylight.

Come here darling, Give Mommy a big hug.
Now you know why I was gone.

**Takes her child in her laps**

Yes Mommy! But… I… I was really scared
I was alone and it was so dark.
I wish Daddy had never left us
I wish you never had to leave me in the dark

Cinthia, Sometimes darkness can make you see things,
That you could have never seen in the light.
When it turns dark, you should look around,
To the things that are now visible to you.
Because sometimes light can turn you blind
& darkness can help you find wonderful things Continue reading

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Mother Of Mine… (Part One)

Image Of A Mother With Child

Oh mother of mine,
When I was too young to speak
You understood what I needed
With just a little cry or squeak
Even when I blabbered
With all my toddler words
Saying gaga googoo
You knew what I was saying

 Each time I looked at you
I saw a beautiful young women
An early 20’s glowing face
And perfectly flawless skin
The touch of your hand
Upon my naked body
Making me feel special
With your tender touch Continue reading

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Return Me Those Times

Lost Childhood

Return me those times

Where having fake doll friends
Was the best friendship ever
Who never deceived or cheated me
Like real human friends

Where dancing to the rain
Was a source of happiness
And not the only way
To cry under the open sky

Where happiness was genuine
And it was not pretended
Where tears were shared
And not hid under the pillow Continue reading

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The Call Of Duty? Nah. It’s “The Call Of Daddy”

Father And Daughter Relationship

One morning I was woken up way earlier with the happy screaming of my mom.

My dad gave us a surprise visit this week. Although he has come for a week only, The happiness to find him unexpectedly outside the door one morning was very delightful. The surprise visit was more of a shock 😀 .

Damn I wish he had told us before hand so we could prepare ourselves.

Prepare for what?

Well, my Dad is like that Major General of The Army. He works by the clock and expects everything to be in perfect order. If there is a broken tap in the kitchen, it is a MAJOR CRISIS. A terrorist attack. A trap to destroy the entire world. A huge propaganda against humanity and unless we fix it, WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE. Continue reading

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