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Letter # 2 : Dear Little Bundle Of Joy

Dear Little Bundle Of Joy,

I have been complaining about my severe back pain specially in the sleepless nights as I toss and turn in bed to find a position that would pain less. I tie rolls of bandages on my legs because otherwise my legs hurt me to tears. I hate going to the hospitals with screaming pains only to find that now I have to do several tests and exams.

I suddenly came under depression. I thought I cannot go through all this. I thought I cannot do this. I thought I would crash soon.

But you know what???

Yesterday, for the first time, I felt your movement very clearly. I felt it once. Then again and then again. My pure little angel, those 3 distinct movement, I cannot express to you how wonderful they were. They were so distinct and so clear and I knew it was you.

Today I felt you move again.  Continue reading

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My Mom Is…. Well You Probably Should Read This

Funny Mother Meme

My mom is a lecturer.

You would think she is a lecturer in some university holding a professor degree but what’s a professor’s lecture compared to the lectures my mom gives me, almost everyday.

Tell you the truth, at least your professor’s lectures are way better than my mom’s lecture because at least you do have a rough idea what the lecture is about and when it is going to end but my moom’s lecture? Boi oh boi, you never know what the lecture is all about and it is like EVER GOIIIINNNNGGGG…….. Continue reading

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Dear Grandparents Whom I Have Never Met


Dear Grandparents,

It’s strange when I hear everyone talk about their grandparents to me. Some who are happy because their grandparents are coming to visit them, some who wait for the Sunday so they can visit their grandparents while some are lucky enough to live with their grandparents in a joint family system.

I can’t help but wonder how pathetic my life is :S

No seriously, I am angry with you guys. You guys decided to leave even before I came… I guess you didn’t want to see my face. It wasn’t fair okay… At least my bro got the chance to play with both my grandmas. But soon as it was my turn, All of you decided to leave. Continue reading

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Why I Hate These Delicious Chinese Grass Pudding

Chinese Grass Pudding With Cherries

Today, My mom decided to make some Chinese Grass Pudding late at night (late because my mom doesn’t do cooking after 7 PM). It was literally too late for her as she entered kitchen at 9PM something.

Soon as she kept the desert on the table to cool down and form shape, I was already anxiously walking here and there around the table.

Had someone seen me at that moment beside the table, I would have looked like the Husband, standing outside the Labor Room while his wife was inside, delivering their first baby probably with complications.

I kept asking my mom how long it would take to set, whether it would turn hard or not, if it would set quicker in the fridge etc etc etc. And she would keep comforting me that its going to be all fine. Once or twice I even peeked into the pudding to see if it was ready at which I was told to be patient as it could take sometime.  Continue reading

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The Call Of Duty? Nah. It’s “The Call Of Daddy”

Father And Daughter Relationship

One morning I was woken up way earlier with the happy screaming of my mom.

My dad gave us a surprise visit this week. Although he has come for a week only, The happiness to find him unexpectedly outside the door one morning was very delightful. The surprise visit was more of a shock 😀 .

Damn I wish he had told us before hand so we could prepare ourselves.

Prepare for what?

Well, my Dad is like that Major General of The Army. He works by the clock and expects everything to be in perfect order. If there is a broken tap in the kitchen, it is a MAJOR CRISIS. A terrorist attack. A trap to destroy the entire world. A huge propaganda against humanity and unless we fix it, WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE. Continue reading

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