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Call Me Crazy Or Whatever That You May Like :X

Totem From Inception Movie


For the first time I actually do not know what to say. LOL.

Its like this strange feeling inside me which comes when my inner child takes over me completely. And then I feel restless and I am not able to concentrate on anything except for that ONE thing that is on my mind.

Like a child. If he has something on his mind, he will think only about that and nothing else.

It happens rarely with me because most of the time I have full control over myself and my emotions too. I rarely let this inner child take over me for something that doesn’t matter much.

But this time, My inner child has taken over me completely.

For what?  Continue reading

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Paranormal Being, Hallucination Or Effects Of Meditation… You Decide

Spooky Night With Boy In Silhouette

In my past blogs (if you have been good enough readers to read them 😛 ), I have been talking about my experiences since I have started meditation like “The Power Of Meditation Can Sometimes Scare The Hell Outta You.”

Surprisingly its is just about 27 days may be since I have started reading about Lucid Dreaming and The Mind Power related stuff and within those 27 days of reading and practicing, my experiences have truly surprised, shocked, amazed, scared the hell out of me.

If you have read my blogs you would know what I am talking about ( I will do a compilation of the experiences all together in one blog soon).

Okay, now I have been telling that each time I meditate at night, I have felt someone looking at me, hearing weird stuff etc but that was only while meditating. Continue reading

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The Mud Man Is About To Crack

Cracked Mud Man

When it all began, he was just a pile of sand. Invisible in the eyes of people. Everyone came and walked over him because he was too soft and gentle to fight back. He was hurt and was sad deep inside, but he was too good to say anything to the people.

As days went by, he added a little water of strength and attitude to himself so that people would start noticing him. And so it did happened. People came by and he simply trusted every person who came to sit by him.

Soon he realized that the people only came to have fun with him. They came, molded him into the shape they wanted to see him in, had fun and before leaving, they would crash him down back in to the pile of sand.

This went on for quiet a while. People walked in, took his help and then broke him down before leaving. Continue reading

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The Power Of Meditation Can Sometimes Scare The Hell Outta You

Girl Lying Flat On The Grass

Few days back I wrote about The Strange Vision In Darkness While Meditating, It had totally freaked me out.

Since then I have been meditating. Sometimes all I see is darkness, sometimes stable light, sometimes the darkness and light dance in slow motion in Swirls like a Yin Yang and sometimes this dance will be in the speed of thunder. Sometimes I see sparkles of light coming from infinity which is very wonderful to watch.

For those of you who are wondering what has happened to my Lucid Dreaming, It is kinda on hold now. Its like at first I was only trying to see an object in the picture but now I am trying to see the entire picture. Once I know how to see the entire picture, then looking at the smaller objects would be easy as eating a cake.

Anyway, chopping down my blah blah blah.

2 days back, Before going to sleep, I put myself in Alpha mode and started visualizing. As always, while I meditate, I have realized that I can have a clear understanding of whats around me. Continue reading

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Oh I Burnt My Hand…Oops Burnt It Again… Urggg Burnt It AGAIN

Silly Girl Pulling Her Ponytail

So I opened the hot water tap and a little of cold water tap yesternight (it takes a little while for cold water to run out and hot water to join in), While I waited I was engrossed with different random thoughts in my mind.  I hadn’t written down the details of 2 previous night’s dream in my Lucid Dream Journal. Also I definitely need to change my routine. I have got to get up early every morning. Need to practice more on lucid dreaming.

And while I was engrossed in my thoughts, I forgot that the Tap was more of the hot water and…….. Well you know what happened next.

So my hand became all red and I was like DARN IT. Need to put cold water on my hand.

Closed one of the tap.

Put my hand in the water again.

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Continue reading

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