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Each Time You Give Another Chance…

Bleeding Wrist Of A Girl

“You should give it another chance you know.”

How many times do you hear this statement in your life when you resolve to close yourself on doing what you always do. Like closing doors on your friends, Locking yourself from the world, Declaring not to make up with the guy who shattered you, Stopping yourself to care about others because no one actually gives the same back to you and more blah blah blah.

Well basically what I am trying to say is, in life, you face situations where you give something or someone a chance and it or they totally blows it off. So then you make a resolution to yourself that you wont give it/them another chance.

That’s it.

You are done.

But people… GOSH!!! They just don’t understand anything, EVER.

They keep telling you that you should give it another chance. urgghhhh.

Sometimes, you yourself find loosing the grip of resolution, Because you feel that may be you are being too hard. Not hard on others. But being too hard on yourself. Punishing yourself for the faults of others so there you go.

You break free your resolution and give it another chance.

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The Broken Bridge Of Faith…

Broken Bridge In Black

My bridge of faith was once so strong when it was new. It shined when the sun light fell on it like a bridge made of gold. It was untouched by anyone, by any storm, by any calamity. It was strong enough that each time I wanted to pass through it, I would happily walk on it humming my favorite song.

And each time I would pass it, I would find an even stronger, even better bridge ahead.

Then as time passed,

Several storms hit my bridge. There were small storms that only caused scratches but then there were huge storms that kept coming one after the other. They were the storms of emotions, decisions, relations and loss.

Although the first few storms couldn’t damage my bridge but you know how it is, isn’t it? When a storm keeps hitting a bridge, its goes through the process of wear and tear, it gets deteriorated and gradually becomes weak.

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When Love Exceeds Love

Girl In Pain

When love flows out of limit
It exceeds the boundaries of care
It starts taking more than giving
And forgets it’s a mutual share
Desires and wishes turn to thirst
Affection cast by shadow of lust

When love loses its real meaning,
It becomes more of an ugly game
Where a devil plays his heartfelt
And calls love to be the same
Such love becomes much of pain
A game of loss and no gain

When love becomes uncontrollable
It sets a small fire of million desires
And day by day its asks for more
Until the love itself retires

It becomes a burden to bear
A curse rather than a boon
And instead of tieing a relation
They start falling apart soon
When love flows out of limit
It aint no love with no love in it

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And Thats How I Find A Reason To Smile

Find A Reason To Smile

So when you lose something important to you, that means the everything to you, it feels like the world is falling apart. Feels like there is no reason to stay alive and there is no reason to smile.

Definitely we all face such situations in life.

So here is my trick when I find myself in a situation when I have lost something so important to me that I find myself melting into the pools of pain. You can try it too. Continue reading

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A Bleeding Wrist Bleeds Much More Than Just Blood

Bleeding Wrist With Red Blood

A bleeding wrist bleeds much more than just blood for it is not just the blood gushing out through the veins. The cut on the wrist is someones only way to let go of the pains inside of them. The only way they can see and the only hope they are left it.

It is,

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