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The Man That Laughed On Others

Man Laughing - Haha

He was standing right by the palm tree on the Clausogear Beach having strokes of laughter. Sometimes he just smiled, sometimes he giggled and sometimes, boy he was so crazily laughing that someone would have called the Rehab Centers.

I went up to him and asked, “What are you laughing at?”

“I am laughing… that man *pointing to a man in water* who is trying to surf…… I have been watching…… him for about an hour now… He can’t f***ing surf and he keeps …… falling and hitting the water…..What a failure.” He answered my question with several breaks of laughter.

Indeed there was a man in the water who kept falling from his surf board among some professional surfers. He kept falling and falling in a lot of flips and turns, crashing on his face and on his back.

I couldn’t  find it funny at all so I walked away to get home while the man continued to laugh as the noob surfer failed.

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I See A Clown…

Sad Clown

I see a clown
with a very wide smile
who slips and falls
in a goofy little style
he walks around
for the fun he brings
all at once
juggling so many things


I see a clown
with a forced wide smile
who has a  life
buried in a pile
after spreading smiles
before he sleeps
all night long
he cries and weeps

Yet Again

I see a clown
who smiles and cries
for his awful job
putting pain in disguise
and no matter how hurt
he may be inside
he has to look happy
for the world outside


I see a clown
who entertains you and me
but behind his makeup
pain is all I see
stories of his past
that no one shares
memories of his life
that no one cares

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Top 10 Major Crisis And Problems Of My Life.

Major Crisis And Problems

1. I am hungry and I am lazy at the same time. If I get up to eat, I have to leave laziness and if I stay, I have to leave food.

2. The label on the back of my shirt is annoying me. It’s like a small needles pinches you ever second.
(In case you are thinking that why don’t I remove it, please read point number 1 again.)

3. I shut my laptop, its 4 AM and now all I want to do is go to my bed, read some book on my cell and go off to sleep. But my cell’s battery is low and the charger isn’t near my bed. Continue reading

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The Broken Bridge Of Faith…

Broken Bridge In Black

My bridge of faith was once so strong when it was new. It shined when the sun light fell on it like a bridge made of gold. It was untouched by anyone, by any storm, by any calamity. It was strong enough that each time I wanted to pass through it, I would happily walk on it humming my favorite song.

And each time I would pass it, I would find an even stronger, even better bridge ahead.

Then as time passed,

Several storms hit my bridge. There were small storms that only caused scratches but then there were huge storms that kept coming one after the other. They were the storms of emotions, decisions, relations and loss.

Although the first few storms couldn’t damage my bridge but you know how it is, isn’t it? When a storm keeps hitting a bridge, its goes through the process of wear and tear, it gets deteriorated and gradually becomes weak.

Now, Continue reading

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How I Fixed My Mobile Lock/Unlock Button…ROFL…Ur Gonna Love This

My current out of the world, out-dated and so-out-of-technology mobile, Nokia 5530 started troubling from the past few days. Not to mention that it has undergone multiple falling accidents. Anyway,

The main trouble I was having was its Lock/Unlock button at the right side. I had to push it down several times if I wanted to lock or unlock it.

And then you know how annoying it is when you want to make an urgent call or text or someone is giving you his number (someone tall, dark and handsome with a seductive voice and charming personality… may be eh???  nah em kidding) and it takes you ages just to get your phone unlocked.

So today as I pathetically looked at my cell phone while trying to open its lock (its been 2 minutes and still haven’t been able to unlock it) and idea stuck in my head.

For those of you who have read ” Would You Ever Freeze Your Mobile Phone“, you will know how my ideas are. They are unexplained, funny, stupid, weird and GOOFY ideas that I do to just for fun….lol… (Yeah I am sure I must have looked like this when the idea popped),

Goofy Idea Bulb

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