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The Perfect Trick To Making 100% Effective “AFFIRMATIONS”

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Hello everyone.

I have been telling many of my readers in the comments or emails to make affirmations or chants or mantras, whatever you wish to call them. So I decided I should probably do a detailed blog on it with the correct trick that is 100% sure to work. Before I begin,

Affirmations…What exactly are these?

Linguistically speaking it means the process of reassuring or confirming something. Declaring something. In the same sense, affirmations in mind powers is a practice of having a positive lifestyle, thinking and attitude by using daily positive sentences. 

Positive forceful sentences that you can repeat everyday to maintain a positive look on your life and thoughts.

The method and way of affirmation I will be talking about today is my own personal way of making affirmation that has helped me a lot specially because I am not good with visualizing. So I use affirmations quite a lot.

There is 1 step to making an affirmation which is to say your desired result in a statement, like “I have green eyes” or “I have brown hair” but, to make 100% effective affirmation, you need to make a good affirmation, use it correctly and apply it in 2 ways.  

First, let’s make an affirmation.

How to make affirmations for something specific?

Suppose, you want to change your hair color to brown, have grey eyes and be beautiful. Write your affirmation down on a paper. Be open and use good words instead of just the basics.

Example :  Continue reading

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So What’s With The Rapunzel Theme?

Yesterday, for God knows which many time, I watched Tangled again. Then  I watched it again. And today, I plan to watch it again. My laptop wallpaper has been changed into the moment when Flynn Rider kisses Rapunzel on the boat. My mobile wallpaper has been changed to the moment when Flynn Rider and Rapunzel are holding the flying lanterns. My Whatsapp profile pic is Rapunzel looking at Flynn Rider when he tells her about his story of becoming Flynn Rider.

Today, I also changed the theme of my ScrapYard to Rapunzel.

Is this an addiction with the movie. No. Yes. May Be.

Is this an addiction, passion, obsession for Flynn Rider. Yes. May Be.

Has this got to do anything with MIND POWER? Definitely yes.

You see, I love Rapunzel’s hair. Not when they tail tag her on the floor but I love her hair when they were tied in a braid and decorated with flowers.


Oh they are so gorgeous. They are healthy and thick and shiny and so damn long. It’s freaking hard not to want to wish having such beautiful hair and then the light bulb lit over my head. Who said you can’t wish and who the bloody hell said you can’t have such hair. Continue reading

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How (NOT) To Clean Your Laptop

RIP - In Loving Memory Of Martyred Laptop

Hello folks…

Since you ate a lot of burgers and pizza over your laptop and used the keyboard without bothering to wash your hands, you must have, by now, successfully created those gooey stain spots on your keys. Congratulations on discovering it.

It’s time we get them off.

Don’t worry, we know how talented and capable you are. You will get them back within a few days if you continue your routine.

This blog comes to you from a very expert person (If you associate the title with the person writing this blog – a girl)…. Continue reading

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How To Watch An English Movie With An Asian Family

Awkward Movie Moment With Family

Step 1 : Selecting A Movie…

This may take hours and sometimes it may even take a few days to find a good movie. (Good movie? Yes I mean no kissing, no flirting, no dance scene, no strip clubs, no honeymoon..)

You might lose your morale in the first step itself, but remember if you had the courage to have a thought of watching an english movie with your Asian family, then you are hell of a very courageous person. Keep the spirit high. I am sure you will find a good movie.

I recommend The Hangover (2009) , The Change Up (2011), 21 Jump Street (2012), Bliss (1997), Titanic (1997) and Boxing Helena (1993). These are some really nice movies you can watch with your Asian family.

( I recommend you also use Common Sense at my recommendation).

Step 2 : Explain the movie to your parents.

Now that you have successfully chosen a “Good Movie”, you now have to convince your parents of the goodness of this movie. Continue reading

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Want Smooth Finger Movement On Laptop Touchpad Area :P :)

Smooth Finger Movement On Laptop Touchpad

If you live in an area that has a lot of humidity then I am sure you must have experienced irritating dragging movements of the finger on the laptop touchpad (aka trackpad) area.

Its the same irritating movement feeling when you apply cream on your hand and try to move around your finger on a smooth surface. Your fingers wont move smoothly on it and you will have to keep forcing the finger to move forth. Smudgy kind?

Sowie I am not getting the exact term of what you call that. If you know, please enlighten me through comments and increase the knowledge of this dumb girl. LOL

Many of you, who eat while using laptop ( Haha I know there must be some like me 😛 ) and you get your finger with light food oil or if you have applied cream on your hand (we all love to keep our hands moisturized 🙂 ) you must have also experienced the same.

Today I will tell you a trick that will finish this problem forever. Continue reading

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