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How I Spent My Birthday…

Yesterday did not just mark another year in my life but yesterday also marked an entire one month in Pain, Pain & Constant Pain and being on bed or just lying around in the house like a vegetable.

I got 5 tooth extracted on the 26th of December and since then Extractions Hurt… Braces Hurt… EVERYTHING HURTS… For one month I have been awake all night and sleeping all day and acting weird and loosing weight.

Lets go back to 12 A.M yesterday, an exact 26th of January when the phone rang. okay I think you should go back 10 minutes earlier to 12 A.M because thats when the phone had rung. This call was important and no matter how much my braces bruised and rubbed against the sores and cuts in my mouth, this call was worth all the pain.

Why 10 minutes earlier?  Continue reading

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Women Are All SuperWomen Inside… Dare To Switch Roles?


You get up in the morning to find that she is already awake. She gets up an hour earlier to make breakfast and lunch boxes. Soon as you get dressed and reach the breakfast table, she serves you with hot coffee (if you like hot, otherwise she will make sure its warm enough for you) and the breakfast of your choice.

While you are sitting on the chair, reading a newspaper and having breakfast, she is still running up and down the house getting you your wallet, belt, briefcase, tie etc.

When you get up and start walking towards the door, she has her eyes locked upon you, waiting for you to turn back, and say “I love you honey” to brighten up her day.

And you do turn back, only to say, “Honey, can you get me my blue file. I forgot it on the dressing table.”

She runs to the bedroom and brings you back your file and then you leave without a simple “Thank You.” Continue reading

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The Call Of Duty? Nah. It’s “The Call Of Daddy”

Father And Daughter Relationship

One morning I was woken up way earlier with the happy screaming of my mom.

My dad gave us a surprise visit this week. Although he has come for a week only, The happiness to find him unexpectedly outside the door one morning was very delightful. The surprise visit was more of a shock 😀 .

Damn I wish he had told us before hand so we could prepare ourselves.

Prepare for what?

Well, my Dad is like that Major General of The Army. He works by the clock and expects everything to be in perfect order. If there is a broken tap in the kitchen, it is a MAJOR CRISIS. A terrorist attack. A trap to destroy the entire world. A huge propaganda against humanity and unless we fix it, WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE. Continue reading

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When You Fall…You Get Hurt…

Dark, Sad, Angel, Emo, Fantasy, Lonely

When I was small,

My mom used to hold me close in her cocoon.
She would keep me safe and protected.
I felt she was over protective and I hated it.
I used to see my friends play and run in the mud,
while their mothers chatted at the tea parties.
I would tell my mom that I wanted to play in the mud too.

She would tell me , 
“When you fall, you get hurt.” Continue reading

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Why Kitchen And I Can Never Be Friends

Messy Kitchen With Cats

I am not much of a home chores person and I love to skip my house work as much as possible or try to shift it to other family members.

When it comes to kitchen, I really have strong reasons why Kitchen and I can never be friends. Because MY KITCHEN REALLY HATES ME….. ITS A MONSTER….

To begin with, even when I have to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water or that cream caramel ice cream from my freezer, This kitchen would NEVER EVER let me just take it and walk out of it. It will hold me back as a CAPTIVE. It will break a glass or a bowl or it will just spill the ice cream on floor and will force me to do the extra work.

😦 😦 😦

When I am hurrying while doing the dishes because I so want to get out of the kitchen ASAP, this monster kitchen will Continue reading

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