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Confessions, Confessions, Confessions

Girl Crying With Bambi Eyes

I confess that I am breaking up with Michael Scofield because I am now in love with Dean Winchester.
Sorry Micheal, I hope you try to move on 😛 😛 😛

I confess that I killed an ant a few days back, burnt rather :(.
I had match stick in my hand and saw an ant. Instantly my hand moved towards the ant to see what happens. The heat touched the ant and it started crippling in pain. Then I had to burn it to end its agony. Now I feel bad, I do 😦  Continue reading

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English Is A Funny Irrational Crazy Language…

English Is A Funny Language

Its funny how we are taught one thing and then a totally contradicting thing to it and we are made to believe that both of them are right. Its like soon as we learn something easy, these people come up with something to make our easy life more miserable.

First we are taught the Alphabets. A…B…D…C…E…G… something like that (no we are not getting into “do i know my alphabets” issue right now).

So every alphabet has a sound and everything has a name. We use alphabets to construct names for everything.
see-ae-tee CAT.
dee-ow-gee DOG.
el-ae-em-pee LAMP

Hmmm. Okay that’s totally right, rational and understandable. We are happy with spelling el-ae-em-pee LAMP.

But NOOOOOOOO. That’s when these people decide to put some spice into our smooth happy world of spelling. They are like why should everything spell out so correctly. Let’s have some twists and turns to this. Continue reading

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Weird Stuff I Like

Weird Stuff I Like - By Aisha

Here is a list of things I like and when I tell this to my people, they look at me with the are-you-kidding look or they look at me with the usual awe-yewk-that’s-so-gross look or they just think I am crazy. But I find it totally normal.

1. I like the smell of new plastic stuff. Reminds me of my childhood when my parents used to bring toys for me.

2. The smell of yeast. OMG I simply love the smell of yeast.

3. I like half cooked and half raw chicken or meat. It totally tastes delicious and whenever I cook I usually take out a few half raw chicken/meat pieces and enjoy them while no one is watching. lol. Continue reading

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Why Kitchen And I Can Never Be Friends

Messy Kitchen With Cats

I am not much of a home chores person and I love to skip my house work as much as possible or try to shift it to other family members.

When it comes to kitchen, I really have strong reasons why Kitchen and I can never be friends. Because MY KITCHEN REALLY HATES ME….. ITS A MONSTER….

To begin with, even when I have to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water or that cream caramel ice cream from my freezer, This kitchen would NEVER EVER let me just take it and walk out of it. It will hold me back as a CAPTIVE. It will break a glass or a bowl or it will just spill the ice cream on floor and will force me to do the extra work.

😦 😦 😦

When I am hurrying while doing the dishes because I so want to get out of the kitchen ASAP, this monster kitchen will Continue reading

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10 Things I Hate About Exam


1. How it always has to come around at a time when its my birthday, my cousin’s wedding, my boyfriends first music performance, a party at a friend’s place or just when my family decided on a family vacation week.

2. One or the other notebook is always going to be missing. Oh yes this is the same notebook in which I wrote all the important topics sure to come in exam. *How sweet.* Continue reading

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