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When Memories Strike You (Contest Poem – On Demand)

Tortured Hand Breaking Out

I was asked by my Contest Contestants (sorry dolphin memory, can’t remember the names) to write a poem on any of the picture from the my own contest “Picture Worth Your Words Contest“. So I thought I should better do it before I start with another contest.

Please know that its been months since I have given up writing poems (just a phase where I can’t seem to write any good poem) so this is going to be very raw and comparing to the entries I got, lol this doesn’t take a stand. Lawl.  Continue reading

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Mom Dad, You Are Old Vegetables. Nursing Home Should Be Better for You?

Old Aged Lady Alone In Nursing Home

You must be thinking whats up with that title. You’l see.

As we start growing up our parents grow older. That’s the cycle. That’s how it runs isn’t it.

Have you noticed when parents grow older they start becoming annoying. They don’t understand the job you are doing, they don’t understand why you are up too late, they don’t understand the food you are eating, they don’t understand the technology around you.

Then your family comes in the picture and your own family has their own needs, wants, wishes and lifestyle which never tends to meet the needs, wants, wishes and lifestyles of your parents. Your parents are simply a burden on you.


Old Age Homes, Nursing Homes, Rehab Centers, Second Homes.

PERFECT. Continue reading

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Every Pixel On The Palm Of My Hand… Suddenly Clear :S :S :S

Tree On A Hand

For those of you who have been reading my blogs on “Journey Inside Me” which basically covers the blogs that I write on sharing my experiences as I learn to Lucid Dream and in the way learn about my inner self.

This learning makes me do Reality Checks as much as possible when I am awake and question myself as ” Am I Dreaming?” and then a Reality Check to prove that I am not dreaming. This will build my habit to question myself in dreams too. ( I won’t go in details as already has been told.)

My reality check consists of me looking at my hands. Then passing them through objects.

Recently I have realized that as I practice my reality checks and as I look at my hand several times of the day, The lines on my hand have become distinct and visible everyday.

In the start, I did not notice it until today when I just did my reality check, I stared at my hands for a couple of minutes. Then a few more minutes. I don’t know what, why and how because I clearly remember that a few days back I was trying to read the lines of my hand (just for fun) and I couldn’t see the finer lines.

I even used to wonder why there are so few lines on my hand. Just the major ones.

Anyway, I won’t be exaggerating this subject as it may be just because I never noticed them before may be.

But now? Continue reading

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There Was An Earthquake… There Really Was…

Few days back I finally decided to unpack my stuff. Yeah, almost after one month of travel. Well, I can give you plenty of reason for the delay.

To start off with, It’s really very handy to have all of your stuff in a suitcase. You just keep your suitcase open all the time and whenever you need anything, you can just pick it up from there or if you want to keep back anything, just shove it in.

Secondly, It saves a lot of time in finding stuff when my clothes are in place of the closet, while books are in the other section, jewelry and make up in the other side and my hair brush and hair accessories in the closet drawer. So you see, in a suitcase, they are all in ONE PLACE.

Thirdly, Duh I will be travelling again in next 4 months or 5 so why unpack and then pack all over again.

Fourth, would of course be my energetically challenged soul 😦


So few days back I finally neglected all the good sides of keeping your stuff packed even after travel and I took the initiative of putting all my stuff back into my closet.

I neatly carried my folded clothes from suitcase and stacked them into my cupboard. Jeans here, long shirts there, short shirts here and summer scarves over there. Socks neatly set in folds inside my socks bag. Books on that side and ummmmm yes the gift items can stay there for the moment.

Aaaahhhh all done. *wipes sweat*

Now that looks good.

Unfortunately, right after 5 days of unpacking, when I opened my cupboard, I was speechless and taken back.

“What The Hell Happened Here?”  Continue reading

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Contest Closed For Judging

Picture Worth Your Words Contest Aisha's Scrapyard

Hello contestants and fellow readers…

(Gosh I look so silly when I talk formal…LOL)

Okay, So the Picture Worth Your Words Contest has been closed for Judging. The results will be announced on the 26th of January as per mentioned in “A Contest Coming Up… Participate And Spread The Fire…” 

At first I was thinking, “10 days for judging? Whats wrong with you Aisha. Judging can be done within few hours. DUH you’r so weird.” But looking at the amazing and wonderful entries that I have got, 10 days are still not enough for me to judge them. So I guess this is where I can tell to myself “I TOLD YOU SO.”

And frankly, I don’t even think if I am even capable of Judging such marvelous, exceptional and bona-fide entries that you have all given me. 

Some of my silent readers, who have been keeping an eye on my contest and going through the entries (but haven’t laid a comment) have personally told me that all the entries are awesome and that each entry was a master piece in itself. (people speak for yourself…)

errrr okay chop chop….

Here are the list of contestant entries (in order submitted) : Continue reading

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