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Prayer & Thoughts – How Fast & Strong This Power Works



I pray your power of thoughts is realized and increasing with every moment of life.

I used the term pray because I would like to tell that prayers are actually positive thoughts. When your mother blesses you, what is she doing? Those blessings are positive thoughts. When you say “best of luck” to someone going for interview or exam, it is a positive thought. When you pray for the health of your friends and relatives, you are sending out a positive thought.

When you send a positive thought to the universe, The positive thought is a prayer and the universe is the God.

Today, I just want to tell you about a little yet a very strong incident that happened to me yesterday. It will give you an idea of how power of thoughts/ prayers work in mysterious ways and it also will show you the time it takes to make your thoughts turn into an action.

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The Big Bad But In My Face

Boy With A Butt Face

All my life I have lived with a “but”. Yes that butt as well, thanks for pointing out but I really am talking about the but with a single “t” right now. You never know you might get a blog on a but with double “t” in future…. Who knows.


I am sure you have all felt the same way at some point of your life and if you are as lucky *sarcasm* as me, then you must have felt like carrying a but with you all the time and no matter where you go, what you do and how much you pray, this but is always going to be with you like a real BUTT. 

My life revolves around this but and trust me, this but is as bad as it can be. Again this “as” is with a single “s”.

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Your So Called Religion Ain’t No Religion After All

Humanity Is My Religion

I have been a JFL (Just For Laughs) addict ever since I was a child. I remember I used to watch them with my family and the giggles that would fill the room. Recently I was watching few JFL videos from youtube and I must confess sometimes I feel chained. I move from one video to another and keep saying just one more until I have spent 3 hours.

Anyway, this is not what the blog is about as you can read the title.

It so happened that I was watching one of the JFL videos and they were as usual pranking people. One pregnant lady would ask their victim to look after her 3 kids while she went to the Public Toilet and after sometime she comes back with a baby in her arms. Now among those people one was a girl in Scarf. Yes she was a Muslim.

Apparently she wasn’t a terrorist, had no guns and neither was she harassing, abusing, torturing the kids while the pregnant lady went to the toilet. She was smiling, talking to the kids and looking after them.

When I moved to see the comments, there were no laughs. There was a battle going on over Religion. Some people swearing, cursing or talking about Islam and others swearing and cursing back at them for having said so.

There was another JFL video where there were 2 Nuns who asked for charity and when their prank victim gave them coins, they would buy themselves a drink. Again the comments were full of some people swearing at the religion while the others swearing back at them.

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How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Intro ( This Can Change Your Life)

Break Free To Achieve What You Want

Hello Everyone,

Today’s blog is a very important blog. If you read and understand it, this would really change your life for the good forever.

I am going to give away my knowledge of what I have understood through much reading. The knowledge that I have cherished is not much of course but it is not less than a treasure to me and I wish to pass this treasure to all of you so that you may all use it to get everything that you want in life.  

This is an introductory blog where I will first explain to you how things work. This is important because a strong base is very effective when you have to build a huge building over it. 

I shall try my best to explain things so that you may all be helped too. Please feel free to ask me anything you want and I will try to answer them.  Continue reading

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God’s Ways Are Mysterious But Not Invisible

Mystery Filled Mysterious Image In Blue Touch

Having been an optimist for most of my past, guiding people to the same and pulling them out from their dark hole, I was somehow being dragged into pessimism, into the dark hole.

Of course I am just a human, my wills are weak and my strengths flicker with the tides of bad time. When the strongest tide of bad time hit me, I was pulled out from my grounds of optimism like a young sapling from the soil is gushed away in the rain.

I have been trying hard enough to keep myself intact, I was slowly breaking out, falling weak and trembling. A little push, a small tear and the slightest of weakness would through me into the arms of the devil .

I will proudly say that the only reason I am intact is because I had faith in God. Had??? Yeah I had faith in God. Only it has grown stronger now.

How? Continue reading

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