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False Advertising – Do Not Be Fooled


1. Johnson Baby Shampoo – No More Tears

So I was sad a few days back and I was crying a lot. Like tons of tears and that’s when I remembered this very famous brand. And I was like, oh why didn’t I think of that before.

I took one bottle and straight off went to the shower. I was still crying at that time. I took some shampoo and poured it on my head. I massaged the shampoo on my hair and waited 5 minutes for it to start working. But you know what. I was still crying. What the hell did they mean by NO MORE TEARS. Well hello, I am still crying.

I thought, may be my pain is too much so I emptied the entire bottle on my head, I waited 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes but my tears didn’t stop.

CLEARLY this is false advertising. Anyway, I did end up with very soft, smooth and beautiful hair afterwards but that’s not the point.

2. AT & T – Reach Out & Touch Someone

I was going to work the other day and I read this slogan on a billboard and I am like, oh that’s a nice slogan and I must do it. I reached out and I touched someone. I got a very harsh stare from that someone.

I thought I must be doing it wrong you know. This time, with more spirit, more optimism and with more love, I reached out and touched someone again.

Well, let me tell you AT & T, I did this a couple of times on my way to work and apparently reaching out and touching someone does not give you good responses. I do not know why you would give us such strange advises. Continue reading

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My Top 5 Most Viewed Blogs Of All Time

I Did It For Love

Yeah baby you are the star…

WordPress site stats made my day today because I decided to check which of my blogs got the highest views and what the highest view was. I am happy with what I saw and so I decided to share my Top 5 blogs.

I know my views must be way less than most of you must have got upon your top blogs but heyyyyyyy!!!!! to a baby a candy is enough to make her happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

I was hoping you guys could do something like that as well so everyone could know which is your Top 5 blog. Here are mine : Continue reading

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I See A Clown…

Sad Clown

I see a clown
with a very wide smile
who slips and falls
in a goofy little style
he walks around
for the fun he brings
all at once
juggling so many things


I see a clown
with a forced wide smile
who has a  life
buried in a pile
after spreading smiles
before he sleeps
all night long
he cries and weeps

Yet Again

I see a clown
who smiles and cries
for his awful job
putting pain in disguise
and no matter how hurt
he may be inside
he has to look happy
for the world outside


I see a clown
who entertains you and me
but behind his makeup
pain is all I see
stories of his past
that no one shares
memories of his life
that no one cares

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Sunshine Award… A Sunnilicious Award

Sunshine Blog AwardWhat’s with all these award? No seriously. No matter how many I get and how many times I get, they never EVER fail to make me as happy as a child having an ice lolly in his hand.

Here I am jumping once again, Thanks to Art Epiphany who has given me a sunny little Sunshine Blog Award.

Go check out the blog page for all the nitty witty fun in words that will give you ample of good reading stuff. Make sure you follow, subscribe and like. That way you wont miss any updates and all the good stuff waiting for your eyes to read and mind to understand 🙂  Continue reading

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Criminal Life Of A Brown Girl…Because Every Brown Girl Commits A Crime

Today, I will uncover the true faces of one of the most criminal minded girls in this world AKA “THE BROWN GIRLS.” Fear them because the crimes they commit are not only dangerous but they will leave devastating results on your mind.


These brown girls exist all around us. They look innocent but really are not and today we shall see Top 10 Crimes that a Brown Girl makes.

Crime # 1 :
She is born a girl.

See. That is why I told you this blog is not for the weak hearts. This is one of the first crimes that she makes and look at the age, she commits this crime at.  Pure evil mind since birth. Continue reading

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