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They Pull Me Out To Throw Me Back… Deeper Into The Hole

Falling Into A Black Hole

It’s a very strange world that I have seen.

I am a person who is basically falling deeper into the black hole every moment of life, slowly and gradually although. This black hole is getting deeper and darker as I keep falling into it.

In the start I was afraid that I would fall down and get hurt when I hit the ground. But that fear has vanished as I realize that this hole is endless. It just keeps going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.

Having realized that, I am certain that there will be not instant pain or hurt as I shall never hit the ground. I will only deplete, erode, bruise and burn  myself slowly as I keep falling deeper into it.

What’s funny is, every now and then, I see a hand from above , trying to help pull me up. But I am not sure if I should actually socialize with that stranger/friend/person who is trying to help me. I trust no one and I need no one is the policy.

In the same policy I have passed so many hands that have come to me.

Yet, once in a blue moon, I set aside my policy of trust no one and I need no one, and I give that stranger/friend/person a chance to do what they seem to be doing, help me?! I guess, For that’s what they show.

They stay by my side even though I keep warning them of everything I am jinxed with and that I am evil Continue reading

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Meditation – Inner Self – Lucid Dreams – My New Fascination

Lucid Dreaming - Man On Bed In Sea

Having feeling the stress of a monotonous life and going through the roller coaster of emotions, I had to find a way to relax myself. It very annoying when your brain is working 24/7, literally 24/7 and its even annoying when its multi-tasking.

There is work to be thought about then there is your personal life going through the swirls then there are people to be made happy with your masked happiness then there are also family functions you cannot avoid. The brain keeps doing all day long, but with so much happening, your mind is thinking about everything even at night and you see the same in your dreams.

That’s what had stressed me.

So I decided I would confront my stress, emotions and pains through finding my inner self, Continue reading

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The Broken Bridge Of Faith…

Broken Bridge In Black

My bridge of faith was once so strong when it was new. It shined when the sun light fell on it like a bridge made of gold. It was untouched by anyone, by any storm, by any calamity. It was strong enough that each time I wanted to pass through it, I would happily walk on it humming my favorite song.

And each time I would pass it, I would find an even stronger, even better bridge ahead.

Then as time passed,

Several storms hit my bridge. There were small storms that only caused scratches but then there were huge storms that kept coming one after the other. They were the storms of emotions, decisions, relations and loss.

Although the first few storms couldn’t damage my bridge but you know how it is, isn’t it? When a storm keeps hitting a bridge, its goes through the process of wear and tear, it gets deteriorated and gradually becomes weak.

Now, Continue reading

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List Of Guys I have Fallen In Love With :P

I know what you thinking okay and let me tell you frankly, I don’t like your thinking 😛 😛 😛


Anyway, So after having named my blog in the most inappropriate sense of meaning that totally degrades my character in all possible thinking, I shall waste no more time in presenting to you my list of guys that I have fallen in love with and why. Continue reading

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When Love Exceeds Love

Girl In Pain

When love flows out of limit
It exceeds the boundaries of care
It starts taking more than giving
And forgets it’s a mutual share
Desires and wishes turn to thirst
Affection cast by shadow of lust

When love loses its real meaning,
It becomes more of an ugly game
Where a devil plays his heartfelt
And calls love to be the same
Such love becomes much of pain
A game of loss and no gain

When love becomes uncontrollable
It sets a small fire of million desires
And day by day its asks for more
Until the love itself retires

It becomes a burden to bear
A curse rather than a boon
And instead of tieing a relation
They start falling apart soon
When love flows out of limit
It aint no love with no love in it

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