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Contest # 3 : Forbidden – RESULTS !!!

Hello awesome writers and contestants of Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 3 : FORBIDDEN

Please accept my apology for being so late in declaring the result. No really please accept it because this is the most humble I am ever going to be, after that, ema just gonna say “SO WHAT….I  WAS BUSY…. MAY BE I WAS LAZY… SOOO WHAT!!!”.


So when I say accept my apology, appreciate the sweet humble girl inside me and just accept it 😛

Anyway, the reason I got delayed with announcing the results was because I wanted to go through every entry and give out my detailed opinion about each entry along with the results.

I just got 3 entries this time. But these 3 entries were worth this contest put up for. Each was so unique and amazing.

Here are the final results of Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 3 : FORBIDDEN

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Prepare Your Pen Bloggers…Writing Contest Coming Up

As many of you know, I did two contests earlier called “Picture Worth Your Words”…. I have been wanting to start one again, but couldn’t find time… 

Anyway so long story short, the contest is almost ready. You are going to love the new theme of the contest. I am just in the process of finalizing the image prompt for the contest, they are so many that it’s kind of hard to decide which one to have for the contest and which to leave.

I will be done with the images by tomorrow. 

So bloggers, be ready….. 

The contest will be up from any time tomorrow…. 

🙂 🙂 🙂

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How About Another Contest? All In Favor Raise Your Hands :)

I got some really deep images *self praises* and I thought *bulb lights on the head*, I should start a contest like I did before (Picture Worth Your Words Contest (Closed)…) and let you all write on it… I won’t be having the “comment on other’s content” rule anymore because I think it should come more as a self willing choice rather than forcing.

So all in favor raise your hands, take a picture of yourself with raised hand and send it out to me so I know you are in favor…

Lol…Kidding… (but if you want to, no one is stopping you 😛 😛 :P)

Just leave a comment below this post…Yes yes right where I made a sad puppy dog face…Ain’t I adorable enough to make you want to leave a comment 😛 😛 😛

I need 100 comments to motivate me to start the contest. LOL… Kidding again ( may be I am not :P)

P.S : Please forward the link to as many bloggers you know. The more the merrier.

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Results For Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 2 : Tide Of Time

Sorry folks. I will admit that I have been pretty much a busy bee since past few days. I’l also admit that it is due to the fact that I am one single person trying to do so many things all at one time. And then of course you know that story of the man who puts his leg in two different boats at the same time ( or was it really that sort of story really?)

Anyway, my last contest ended on the 10th of March with pretty much less entries than the one I had before that. But this hasn’t disappointed me because the entries I got made up for everything.

They were all really great and it surprises me how wonderfully talented people can be (although deep down inside they will still insist that they are not great writers 😛 )

So without further ado, the winner of Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 2 : Tide Of Time is,  Continue reading

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Contest “Tide Of Time” Has Been Extended…

So my second contest “Picture Worth your Words Contest 2 : Tide Of Time” has been extended till the 10th Of March.

At first when I got just one entry when the deadline came, I decided something.

One one moonless night, when the wolves are crying (whatever that they do), the winds are rustling and the entire place is dead asleep, I would get up from my cozy bed, look left and right to make sure no one was around and then…..


I would close the contest and no one would ever know.


But then 2 bloggers suggested that I extend the date so I said to myself, Oh shax, well I guess my evil plan won’t be needed anymore :P.

So people, Picture Worth Your Words Contest 2 : Tide Of Time is still on and really on this time. Hop in, participate and send the link to as many bloggers you know. Reblog the contest page, so that your followers would know.

Don’t disappoint me baby or else, My shovel is ready and the next moonless night, It could be YOU 😛

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