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And when you touched me on my lips….

Girl Swinging In Garden - Fantasy

And when you touched me on my lips
After so many days of desperation
I felt like fireworks cracking around
I felt stars twinkling in my fantasy

From my lips to my mouth
Lingering smoothly on my tongue Continue reading

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40 Days Without Chocolate


It’s been 40 days without chocolate
And it feels like an eternity
I have forgotten what it tastes like
I have forgotten its delicacy
And most of all I have forgotten
What it was like when it was with me

Oh I look back to the times
When I ate chocolate to my heart
Black forest cake, mousse, ice cream
Dark chocolate fudge and the tart
I knew I would cherish its flavor
Till death do us apart Continue reading

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Breaking The Code Of Stereotypical Women (Special Edition For Men)

Corpse Bride

Whats a definition of “Women” according to guys?

Skinny person who is always watching her weight, calculates calories when ordering food, dumb by nature, always dressed up as barbies in high heels, eats less (diet food only), dumb by nature, loves shopping and spends half her life shopping, is highly addicted by window shopping, takes 5 hours just to buy one pair of shoes, dumb by nature, talks a lot about unnecessary things, heavily make-up-ed, dumb by nature, 90% of her clothes are PINK, dumb by nature and do not know how to operate machines, spends 2 hours to decide what to wear and of course, dumb by nature.

Isn’t it strange that most men have the same exact picture of “Women” in mind.

Well today, I am breaking the code of stereotypical women. So all you guys out there, this is for you.  Continue reading

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My Extremely Clean Work Table Or Second Home

Messy Desk Cartoon Image

I just rolled back myself on the chair and glanced at my work table where I spend 90% of my awake time everyday. The rest of the 10% is small breaks for call of nature, call of hunger and call of mother. LOL.

I WAS TOTALLY SHOCKED when I looked at my table. For some reasons I can say that its cleaner than it always is :S Now that’s something weird.

Lets take a look. Continue reading

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Top 10 Major Crisis And Problems Of My Life.

Major Crisis And Problems

1. I am hungry and I am lazy at the same time. If I get up to eat, I have to leave laziness and if I stay, I have to leave food.

2. The label on the back of my shirt is annoying me. It’s like a small needles pinches you ever second.
(In case you are thinking that why don’t I remove it, please read point number 1 again.)

3. I shut my laptop, its 4 AM and now all I want to do is go to my bed, read some book on my cell and go off to sleep. But my cell’s battery is low and the charger isn’t near my bed. Continue reading

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