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When Memories Strike You (Contest Poem – On Demand)

Tortured Hand Breaking Out

I was asked by my Contest Contestants (sorry dolphin memory, can’t remember the names) to write a poem on any of the picture from the my own contest “Picture Worth Your Words Contest“. So I thought I should better do it before I start with another contest.

Please know that its been months since I have given up writing poems (just a phase where I can’t seem to write any good poem) so this is going to be very raw and comparing to the entries I got, lol this doesn’t take a stand. Lawl.  Continue reading

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Extremely ANGRY Over My Blog Copied Elsewhere

Today when I came online, I saw a pingback in my comments so I went to see where I was linked back. To my utter shock my entire blog was copy pasted there without my permission and in the end there was a source link.

I mean seriously?

My blogs are something that defines me, makes me, expresses me. Something that’s PERSONAL and I like them to stay on my PERSONAL BLOG PAGE.

How can someone just randomly pick up someone’s personal blog and put it elsewhere without even asking me? Continue reading

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Agonizing Tussle Of Life

Girl Locked In A Straitjacket In A Room

Old shackles of this worldly place
Oh wait! Oh wait! My unsteady pace
You are too fast and I can barely run
And at this stage I can’t Continue reading

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The Bitter Truth Of Me…

Vampire Women Sucking On A Flower

The night gone now was another day
When my lust within me started to play
The flowers bloomed and winds blew
That so day, you met me and I met you
It was an angel that you found in me
In speech, in laughter and in eternity
Such peace you found in my presence
So much that you thought it was heavens
And the way I spoke as if flowers fell
But baby you didn’t know I had hidden hell
That night my heart played the evil
The angel was gone and I was a devil
In my arms,  sweet looks I took you away
And you did come darling, A mistake without delay
I got my chance when all seemed right
My success at last was that little night
Every drop of blood I violently drank
My thirst finally within me sank
And with a wicked smile I left you lay
To find a new victim….A new prey
So a devil another day, another sky
Yet an angel for another guy

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Paranormal Entity Becoming Naughty

Spooky, Horror, Weird, Dark, Night Image

Encounter With Paranormal Entity – Yet Again !!!

So I was on my bed tapping my nephew to sleep and I hear a sudden vibration on bed. It was a quick 2 second vibration, the same vibration that my mobile makes when it is on silent vibration mode and any sms arrives.

I knew my cell wasn’t on bed because it was right next to where my work area in the house is – Next to my laptop.

But I assumed may be its my sister’s mobile and I ignore the vibration.

After 10 minutes I feel the vibration again. And this time I ask my sister to check where her mobile was. It was on the sofa. I immediately get up from the bed and look under the pillow and blanket where my nephew was.

I find nothing.

But… Continue reading

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