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What It’s Like To Be Pregnant & Pakistani (It’s CRAZY)


Hello folks…

So I have been meaning to do this blog from a very long time but got caught up with other stuff.

Be prepared as I now take you on a journey on what it’s like to be pregnant and Pakistani. Honestly speaking, I think the dilemma lies with all the Asian groups and not just Pakistani….If you can relate to this, we will find out soon 🙂

1. The “Is there a good news” questions.

You get married today, and 5 days later you will start hearing questions from different aunties if there is a good news. Like what the serious ef is that all about?

My first encounter with this situation was just 20 days after marriage, when I went to my neighbor’s house, and her sister in law(who I hardly knew because I had just moved in at my husband’s house) asked me “is there something?” and as naive as I was, I just couldn’t understand what the hell she was asking me. What something is she asking for. I made her repeat 3 times thinking I was missing out any words or something.

After 3 attempts of asking me the same “is there something”, my mother in law replied not yet, everyone will know when there is. Even though I was 2 weeks pregnant by then.

And at that moment, it was a revelation to me. The clouds of singleness had moved away and above me was a sky saying BRACE YOURSELF…PREGNANCY QUESTIONS ARE COMING.

After that incident, these questions kept coming from various aunties wherever I went.

Apparently, Pakistani aunties think you are an ATM machine.

2. Everyone should know…Like literally EVERYONE.

For the first 3 months, the news stays within the 2 families. But the moment those 3 months’ risky time passes away, the news is available for public. Literally public.

First the news goes to close friends and relatives then the friends and relatives will tell their friends and relatives. And the news keeps moving forward. Now this may seem pretty normal because friends and relatives are supposed to know the big news but this doesn’t end with friends and relatives.

You could be walking on a sidewalk with any of your relative and they will tell a stranger to may be walk a little away because this walking lady is now “DELICATE.” This is the term they use. YUPPPPP you heard me right.

You are in a taxi and the driver will be told to drive a little more carefully because Continue reading

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You Know You Are A Pakistani When – *Market Shopping Edition :)*

Pakistani Women Shopping In Market

After a previous version of You Know You Are A Pakistani When…., The “You know you are a Pakistani when” is out on the streets and into the market 🙂

You know you are a Pakistani when,

Your Ammi (mom) spends 40 minutes in a shop looking for her specific choice item and choosing between the things and then walks out of the shop empty hand because the shopkeeper wouldn’t reduce the price from Rs. 500 to Rs. 450.

You know you are a Pakistani when,

Every time you are in a market place with your mom, you meet any of your mom’s relatives or friends and they spend 20 minutes talking about what they got, what you came to the market for, which item they got at a good bargain, how their husbands were, what exams their kids are having etc etc.

You know you are a Pakistani when,

Buying something as simple as a salt & pepper shaker takes about 20 minutes to decide. Continue reading

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You Know You Are A Pakistani When….

Face Palm Cartoon Girl

There are a lot of stuff circulating around about Asian people. I didn’t experience them much having born and lived abroad, but being a Pakistani ( like you didn’t know that eh?), there are many things that I found humorously true once I got to spend time in Pakistan.

I previously wrote TIDU : Things I Don’t Understand About Asian Parents and then there was Criminal Life Of A Brown Girl…Because Every Brown Girl Commits A Crime.

Today I am going to get specific. Here is my version of “You know you are a Pakistani when”, coming from my experience.

You know you are a Pakistani when,

You are watching a movie with your family and there is a sudden silence and uncomfort in the room when there is a swift hot romantic scene Continue reading

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