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Your So Called Religion Ain’t No Religion After All

Humanity Is My Religion

I have been a JFL (Just For Laughs) addict ever since I was a child. I remember I used to watch them with my family and the giggles that would fill the room. Recently I was watching few JFL videos from youtube and I must confess sometimes I feel chained. I move from one video to another and keep saying just one more until I have spent 3 hours.

Anyway, this is not what the blog is about as you can read the title.

It so happened that I was watching one of the JFL videos and they were as usual pranking people. One pregnant lady would ask their victim to look after her 3 kids while she went to the Public Toilet and after sometime she comes back with a baby in her arms. Now among those people one was a girl in Scarf. Yes she was a Muslim.

Apparently she wasn’t a terrorist, had no guns and neither was she harassing, abusing, torturing the kids while the pregnant lady went to the toilet. She was smiling, talking to the kids and looking after them.

When I moved to see the comments, there were no laughs. There was a battle going on over Religion. Some people swearing, cursing or talking about Islam and others swearing and cursing back at them for having said so.

There was another JFL video where there were 2 Nuns who asked for charity and when their prank victim gave them coins, they would buy themselves a drink. Again the comments were full of some people swearing at the religion while the others swearing back at them.

You know what? Continue reading

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The Rumors About 2012 – How True Can They Be?

Christ Consciousness - A New World

Umm, its been a few days since I haven’t posted anything (some of you were happy, isn’t it 😛 LOL), The reason being that I was consumed with reading a lot of books on different subjects of Mind Power, Lucid Dreaming, Power Of Thoughts etc. All these books have given me an insight on how things work around and have made me see what world really is and what is coming ahead.

Before I begin, My knowledge is very less and of course without doubt True Knowledge lies with God. Only He knows when what shall happen. This blog is simply what I have studies and realized so don’t start throwing tomatoes at me. Lol

Also I do not say that this is going to happen in 2012, but this is (may be) how it is going to be PRETTY SOON. 

This world will end pretty soon, may be in few days, weeks, months or years, but it wont actually end, it is going to shift to another world.

Since I do not myself have a science background, I will try to explain things in the simplest of words. Continue reading

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Every Pixel On The Palm Of My Hand… Suddenly Clear :S :S :S

Tree On A Hand

For those of you who have been reading my blogs on “Journey Inside Me” which basically covers the blogs that I write on sharing my experiences as I learn to Lucid Dream and in the way learn about my inner self.

This learning makes me do Reality Checks as much as possible when I am awake and question myself as ” Am I Dreaming?” and then a Reality Check to prove that I am not dreaming. This will build my habit to question myself in dreams too. ( I won’t go in details as already has been told.)

My reality check consists of me looking at my hands. Then passing them through objects.

Recently I have realized that as I practice my reality checks and as I look at my hand several times of the day, The lines on my hand have become distinct and visible everyday.

In the start, I did not notice it until today when I just did my reality check, I stared at my hands for a couple of minutes. Then a few more minutes. I don’t know what, why and how because I clearly remember that a few days back I was trying to read the lines of my hand (just for fun) and I couldn’t see the finer lines.

I even used to wonder why there are so few lines on my hand. Just the major ones.

Anyway, I won’t be exaggerating this subject as it may be just because I never noticed them before may be.

But now? Continue reading

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The Broken Bridge Of Faith…

Broken Bridge In Black

My bridge of faith was once so strong when it was new. It shined when the sun light fell on it like a bridge made of gold. It was untouched by anyone, by any storm, by any calamity. It was strong enough that each time I wanted to pass through it, I would happily walk on it humming my favorite song.

And each time I would pass it, I would find an even stronger, even better bridge ahead.

Then as time passed,

Several storms hit my bridge. There were small storms that only caused scratches but then there were huge storms that kept coming one after the other. They were the storms of emotions, decisions, relations and loss.

Although the first few storms couldn’t damage my bridge but you know how it is, isn’t it? When a storm keeps hitting a bridge, its goes through the process of wear and tear, it gets deteriorated and gradually becomes weak.

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God’s Ways Are Mysterious But Not Invisible

Mystery Filled Mysterious Image In Blue Touch

Having been an optimist for most of my past, guiding people to the same and pulling them out from their dark hole, I was somehow being dragged into pessimism, into the dark hole.

Of course I am just a human, my wills are weak and my strengths flicker with the tides of bad time. When the strongest tide of bad time hit me, I was pulled out from my grounds of optimism like a young sapling from the soil is gushed away in the rain.

I have been trying hard enough to keep myself intact, I was slowly breaking out, falling weak and trembling. A little push, a small tear and the slightest of weakness would through me into the arms of the devil .

I will proudly say that the only reason I am intact is because I had faith in God. Had??? Yeah I had faith in God. Only it has grown stronger now.

How? Continue reading

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