The Physics Behind Mind Power, Scientific Explanation.

Hola Peeps,

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything on Mind Power but there was one topic that had been on my mind ever since. I received an email  sometime back and after I replied to her, I decided I would do a full fledged blog on it so that this question will clear up to everyone else as well.

Leena Khan,

im fascinated by how something as simple as thinking about “i have light brown hair” or “i want hair the way i imagine it” can do something so beyond our imagination; whats the physics behind this or biology? I dont understand this “All frequency and our thoughts affect reality.” how?

The physics/biology behind this is simple. Or I like to keep things simple, may be.

Lets talk about radio/tv/wifi. How do these things work? They work on frequencies in the air. You can’t see these frequencies but you know they work when you use your wireless remote to control your TV. When your mobile is able to connect with the world using wireless frequencies.

Your tv remote, your radio device and your mobile all use frequencies to work. (point #1)

But can you change the radio channel using your TV remote? Can you use your radio to change the TV channel? No. Each device uses different frequency to operate different objects/things. (Point #2)

Now, you must have studied in school that everything is made up of atoms. I am not an expert (if I was, I would have been a science bitch) but if you google search atoms = energy, I am sure you will understand the relation.

Everything in this universe works on frequency. How do we hear voices and noises??? Do you see the waves? Nopes. They work with frequencies. Thus, from point # 1, just like devices, the universe operates on frequencies. When you send out a frequency, the corresponding device/thing will start working and give you the same frequency result.

From point # 2, as I said all things have their own frequencies, it means when you send out a negative frequency, the negative part of universe starts working, giving you back a negative result. Send out a positive frequency and you get back positive result.

Frequencies are our THOUGHTS. You can’t see them but they exist.

Have you noticed in your friends or family circle that some people are really superstitious. And surely bad things happen to them if they undergo a bad omen. Or may be some people are always complaining about being sick and surely they always are sick. Some who worry abt everything and get a hard time in life, But then there are people who seem to never care about anything and somehow everything is always fine to them???

They are all sending out frequencies that trigger the same consequences.

And that is how the entire universe is working upon frequencies.

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3 thoughts on “The Physics Behind Mind Power, Scientific Explanation.

  1. Irfan

    Congrats on your baby, hope you are doing well Ash.

  2. Hara

    Welcome back darling 🙂

  3. Alex

    I delight in, lead to I discovered just what I was taking a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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