How, When & What To Use As Subliminal In Mind Power.


Hello my wonderful readers.

Here’s hoping and believing that you all are as wonderful as you all are in my mind (seriously in my mind, you  are really cool and awesome).

I get a lot of queries from people who are too stressed/depressed/tensed in life that it makes practically impossible to relax. Most queries ask for information on Subliminal so I thought it’s time to guide you through this topic as well.

I don’t usually recommend the use of subliminal as many of my faithful readers know but here everything you need to know about it.

You can use subliminal to give a kick-start to your mind power.

One of the most common complain I get is feeling locked up in a negative bubble so much so that any positivity coming towards you either bounces away or turns negative. Your negative bubble can be anything. It can be a bad job, bad grades, bad health, joblessness, failure in love, under appreciation or loneliness. It can be a mix of all.

Now, being relaxed and being free are two major components of positive living. If you are not relaxed and you do not feel free then you will never feel happy and positive. Which also means you are never going to reach the alpha stage.

You try meditating, but since you are so locked up in your negative bubble you cannot relax. This becomes a very difficult situation because you are unable to relax even in your meditation.

This is where you can use subliminal audio and videos to at least get the ball rolling.

Subliminal to connect yourself with your mind, body & soul.

When you are in that phase of life when depression surrounds you from all corners of life, you feel like there is no connection between your thoughts, your action and what happens around you. We have all been through that stage.

I remember the time I was in this phase of life, I felt a total loss of control over my life. My thoughts wandered in all direction and I spent 2 years of my life living life like a walking corpse – no soul – no feelings and no aim. I stopped meeting people, I stopped smiling and I stopped living.

I wish someone had guided me back then, I wouldn’t have lost two years of my precious golden age.

In such times, subliminal can become a lifesaver. They can help you bring back a balance in your life. They can help you connect with your own body, mind and soul.


The correct subliminal for the right cause.

The biggest reason I do not recommend subliminal is because today the internet is full of crappy scam subliminal. If you are not aware of what subliminal exactly is, you can be using a wrong subliminal.

Let’s understand what Subliminals are.

Subliminals use different frequencies in order to get different required results. I have talked about how different frequencies of thoughts trigger different results in the universe. In the same way, there are different frequencies of sounds & videos that trigger different results.

The combination of frequencies is important too.

This is why choosing the right subliminal is important.

A relaxing subliminal audio will help relax the muscles of your body (by working on your brain) while an energy subliminal video will pump energy in your body. Any mumbo jumbo mash of different frequencies is not an authentic subliminal.

Many subliminal audios/videos are also hypnotic. They will only give you at the spot results without giving you any long term benefits. Which means, you will become dependent on them. Each time you feel low, you will want that specific subliminal.

My recommendation?

My first recommendation is always to meditate and try to build the connection on your own. But if, as stated above, you are unable to meditate or you are too off the line to even relax yourself, then use an authentic subliminal.

You will need this subliminal at your fingertip so you can use it anytime you want, where ever you are. There is one app that has impressed me. Brainwave App for your mobile with about 95 beats and tones for different purposes.

The audios are all authentic and professionally made from tones and binaural beats. With added soothing music and sounds to help you focus, relax and ease yourself with.

There are different categories to choose from, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for a specific audio. You can have anything from health, money, happiness or spiritual connections.

Another thing I wanted to point out was the quality of subliminal audios on the internet. Some have a whooshing sound while some go into echo while some are so low that the highest possible volume is not enough. This totally breaks the concept of using subliminal because instead of focusing on the key result, you are trying to focus on the beat.

Subliminal audios should be crystal clear, audible and should make you focus on the purpose of they beat. The beats should be able to raise the frequencies without making you lose your focus.

This app is full of high quality audios and you can make your own playlist for future ease.

Bottom line, if you are going to use subliminal, make sure that you are using audios that are authentic and safe. Those which do not make you addict towards them or hypnotize you. They should only provide you with a healthy effect.

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21 thoughts on “How, When & What To Use As Subliminal In Mind Power.

  1. Curious

    What the different and relationship between aura and subliminal? Which one more powerful?

    • Aura is something that you have around you. Its like a presence of something. It can be good or bad. Have you ever noticed being around someone and you feel a strong force of sadness or dullness? While around someone you might always feel happy and good. That’s the impact of aura.

      While subliminal is the use of a music or a video to givve you a soothing feeling.

      • Curious

        Since child I was being bullied,ignored and less getting attention parent,teacher and friends. I’m feel useless !no talent and beauty.I so jealous my sister.she beautiful ,good making friend and attract love anywhere she go.people say that I’m late bloomer but I think I have bad aura .please help me!

        • Hi,

          Sweetie you were born because GOD wanted you to be born. Which means you were chosen by God to be alive, to breathe, and to live in this world. Stop feeling useless because you are not.

          As far as bad aura is concerned. AURA is just energy around you. Positive energy = good aura and negative energy = bad aura.

          If you think you have a bad aura, you can change it to good aura. All my blogs on Mind Power focus on how to attain good energies, being positive and living a happy life. So if you read all of them you will be guided. Personally, I would like you to start meditating. It will help you a lot.

          Again, you are not useless. You are worth everything. You are special in your own ways and you are beautiful in your own way.

          • Curious

            Thank you so much.I feels little bit better now and I have slightly problem right now .when I close my eyes I see people (different race,skin,face,some smile and not)and places that I never see and come.

  2. Hello, Aisha. I was delighted to find your blog just now. Your info on subliminals and auras is very interesting. I have just established my own blog on moods and mental well-being, but I have a lot to learn. I look forward to reading more of your blogs..

  3. Lyia

    What third eyes?what third eyes can do?it kinda dangerous if we can’t handle it?

    • Third eye is a concept of being AWARE. Being aware of what your naked eyes cannot see. It is also considered as the 6th sense. Where you have strong gut feelings, intuitions etc. Yes, it is dangerous if you cannot handle it or you do it the wrong way. I usually do not recommend this as personally speaking, I have had some bad experiences with it.

      Awakening the third eye can also open the portals to the 4th dimensional world (the world of spirits) and once opened, if you do not know how to close it, will allow the spiritual world in yours.

      • Lyia

        Can you give me sign your third eyes kinda scare me because my friend say that you can going crazy because you can’t handle big energy.when I Meditation I feels something between my eyebrow and strong energy flow through body and i urge to open my eyes.right know I’m loss concentrated because fear dangerous third eyes .

        • Hi,

          Your friend is right. I, myself do not recommend opening third eye because not everyone can handle it. Sometimes, a wrong direction can lead to wrong path. Sometimes it opens up portals to the 4th dimensional world (the world of spirits and ghosts) and when you are not able to close that portal, you allow them to come into your world.

          So as far as my opinion is, I would say if you do not have full knowledge of it, do not go for it.

      • Ma’am,

        Third Eye is for those people who have the guidance of a proper Guru or probably God himself. However it has its own implications. For awakening it is opening the door to clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, Extrasensory Perception and other supernatural capabilities, but at the same time, for the spiritually bankrupt, it’s more like handing over the keys to a robber. For extroverts, it’ll lead to dangerous pursuits such as greed, lust, vengeance, etc, whereas for introverts, it’ll be like a ticking time bomb, in other words, they’ll either become mentally insane or lose control over their nervous system.

        But there IS a substitute to opening the third eye or awakening the kundalini. Devotion to the Almighty. He knows best and does best. As long as that belief is maintained, there’s no need to worry about awakening the kundalini nor opening the third eye.


        • Plus I wanted to add…

          Earlier this year till at least June, I did try all the third eye opening, kundalini awakening, Shaman consciousness (Shaman consciousness is nothing but communication with the dead and the spirits, something practiced by accomplished priests (and enlightened beings) among the ancient Korean/Mongol and Turkic people who followed Shamanism and Tengriism), etc, but once I realized I was spiritually depleted and that it would have other serious implications, I stopped it immediately.

          It isn’t so much that these practices are bad, but the main problem lies with the practitioners. If they’re spiritually bankrupt and unguided, it’ll affect not just them but everyone else around them. What one needs is guidance from God himself or from an accomplished Guru in order to pursue them.

          Ma’am, almost forgot to ask: When can we read your “Raise Your Vibrations In 10 Minutes?” We’re eagerly waiting.

          Thanks a ton.

        • Yup you are right on this one. I totally agree.

          • Spiritual accomplishment is a necessity. Kundalini awakening for the inexperienced is like handing over a dangerous automated weapon to an ignorant kid. It will have dire consequences not only for the inexperienced individuals but for everyone else around them.

  4. Maham


    Love your blog first of all! I have a question. I read your article about changing your hair color to chestnut brown with your mind power. Do you believe it is possible to use your mind power to change your eye color? There are so many subliminals on youtube claiming to be able to change your eye color.

    Thanks in advance

    • Of course sweetie, you can do whatever that you want with mind power. You can change your eye color, the shape of your nose, get a clear skin, get rid of acne, grow long hair etc.

      The only limit to mind power is YOU.

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