The Perfect Trick To Making 100% Effective “AFFIRMATIONS”

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Hello everyone.

I have been telling many of my readers in the comments or emails to make affirmations or chants or mantras, whatever you wish to call them. So I decided I should probably do a detailed blog on it with the correct trick that is 100% sure to work. Before I begin,

Affirmations…What exactly are these?

Linguistically speaking it means the process of reassuring or confirming something. Declaring something. In the same sense, affirmations in mind powers is a practice of having a positive lifestyle, thinking and attitude by using daily positive sentences. 

Positive forceful sentences that you can repeat everyday to maintain a positive look on your life and thoughts.

The method and way of affirmation I will be talking about today is my own personal way of making affirmation that has helped me a lot specially because I am not good with visualizing. So I use affirmations quite a lot.

There is 1 step to making an affirmation which is to say your desired result in a statement, like “I have green eyes” or “I have brown hair” but, to make 100% effective affirmation, you need to make a good affirmation, use it correctly and apply it in 2 ways.  

First, let’s make an affirmation.

How to make affirmations for something specific?

Suppose, you want to change your hair color to brown, have grey eyes and be beautiful. Write your affirmation down on a paper. Be open and use good words instead of just the basics.

Example : 

I have beautiful healthy and long brown hair. My eyes are the perfect grey color that everyone adores. I am strong, I am beautiful and I am happy. I am perfect.

Now this is your affirmation. Learn it. By heart it.



Correct method of using your affirmation.

The best way to use your affirmation is to repeat it over and again with the same EXACT words. Do not change the wording, do not change the pattern and do not change the arrangement.

You should repeat your affirmation, 

In the exact words.
In the exact pattern.
In the exact arrangement.
Over & over again.

If you are saying I have beautiful healthy long hair, do not change it to  I have long hair that are long and shiny. If your affirmation first says about your hair, then eyes and then your look, do not change the pattern to look, hair and eyes then to eyes, look and hair then back to hair eyes and look.

The trick is to keep saying the same exact thing over and again. I would usually say it 3 times or 5 times.

Example :

I have beautiful healthy and long brown hair. My eyes are the perfect grey color that everyone adores. I am strong, I am beautiful and I am happy. I am perfect.

I have beautiful healthy and long brown hair. My eyes are the perfect grey color that everyone adores. I am strong, I am beautiful and I am happy. I am perfect.

I have beautiful healthy and long brown hair. My eyes are the perfect grey color that everyone adores. I am strong, I am beautiful and I am happy. I am perfect.


When you teach a small child something new, like alphabets and words, how do you do that? You keep repeating A for Apple, B for ball, C for cat. 

When the child is just starting to learn, you do not change the corresponding letters. You stick to Apple, Ball and Cat. You do not keep changing the words everyday or the pattern because you know it will confuse them. So even though there is A for ant, B for bat and C for car, and you can say B for baseball, A for aunt and C for camel, you will stick to the same words in the same order that are in his/her books so they learn.

Your subconscious mind is also a child and needs to learn the exact thing in order to make it effective.

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Making it 100% effective.

To make it 100% effective,

  • use your affirmations in Alpha stage of meditation at least once a day. 
  • use your affirmation throughout the day as much as you can or whenever you remember. 

This is what I used to do. I would say my affirmation thrice or 5 times during the meditation once a day. But I would also keep repeating the affirmation whenever I would remember. While I was doing laundry or dishes or while watching tv or while on the bus. Whenever I remembered, I said my affirmation.  

And that’s how to make and use affirmations so they give out 100% results.

If you have any questions or queries, you can ask in the comments or email me if you wish.

Remember, you are strong, beautiful and happy 🙂

Love y’all

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49 thoughts on “The Perfect Trick To Making 100% Effective “AFFIRMATIONS”

  1. This made my day.thank u!ur d best

  2. Wow. This is exactly what i needed to know. Thanks alot aisha. I cant express how grateful i am to you 😀

    Would this work with any affirmations such as wanting to be a better person and more islamic or wanting to marry someone nd helping others aswel.


    • Yes it works for any type of affirmation. Making an affirmation is in your hands. Use the right words for whatever you want to achieve whether health, money, fame, attitude, love, religion etc.

  3. onkar

    very very superb blog Aisha di. u know ur doing a great work . I have told hundred of people about ur blog & they gain benefit from it .thanks for writing.

  4. Mia

    Help me!i was trying to meditation but something block or negative through my mind and i can’t concentrate..!!

    • Hi Mia,

      Don’t worry. First few tries are usually unfruitful for some. Can you tell me your exact meditation process and what was the result.

  5. Hara

    Please help me!I can’t concentrated in my meditation its always something block and negative come through my mind…

  6. Latha Ramanujan

    Very interesting can we make more than one affirmation at a time?

  7. Latha Ramanujan

    Dear aisha, I love your blogs
    I have been practising for sometime now
    One doubt at one time how many affirmations can I do?
    Secondly cam I do for another person eg my friend?

    • You can do as many affirmations as you want. You can see the method of making multiple affirmations in this blog. All you have to do is make a list and repeat it.

      As far as doing it for someone else is concerned, you can only send energies to others. You can send then good and positive energies, you can send them happiness energies, you can send them health energies etc.

      • Latha Ramanujan

        Hi aisha
        I have many health issues. So do I male multiple affirmations or do I list them one anyone? Also do health issues take a long time cos I have experienced very quick results in some.
        If a person is affecting me in a negative way how can I distance myself? Pl advice

        • You can make as many affirmations as you want. But NEVER EVER insert a negative word in affirmation such as I do not have a fever. This affirmation is negative. Instead choose your words to be I AM PERFECTLY HEALTHY, ENERGETIC AND STRONG.

          Health issues do not specifically take long. It just depends on how capable you are. If you are well focused and good with mind power, anything you decide to do will give quick results.

          If a person’s negative energies are affecting you, please read my blog on how to create a positive bubble shield around you. That will help.

  8. Ma’am I have one small query.

    I’m a bit hesitant on how to begin. Till yesterday, I wasn’t even thinking of it, but then today I made up my mind to write an exam, or rather 2 exams. One the following Saturday and another the next Sunday, in order to increase my chances of employment. It came across me like a flash opportunity which I grabbed. I would like to have an idea as to how I can make some affirmations to do well in the exam and get employed.

    I did visit this site sometime back, but afterwards, I got so tight I had to cut out all communication. But whenever I do get some time and peace of mind, I do say out my affirmations to myself, no matter how minimal it is.


    • You can make affirmations in any which way you want. Frankly, make affirmations of what type of result you want. If you want to ace the exam, or you want to be the topper.

      Eg : I have passed all my exams with extraordinary marks. My exam was easy and I wrote all the correct answers to every question in the exam. I am very happy with result and I share my happiness with my friends and family as they congratulate me on my new awesome job.

      Affirmations should be your expected future result.

      Good luck.

  9. Patrice

    I would like to change the shape of my body to being pear; its currently an inverted triangle, so my shoulders are the widest part of my body; i would like it to be the other way around. Do I have to use affirmations for specific body parts, or can I just say my body is pear shaped?

    • You can just say your body is pear shaped. Visualize yourself in that shape. Wear clothes that make you look pear shaped and then when you look into the mirror, make believe that that is your real body.

  10. mauvey

    Shukran sister! you are lovely and helped me a lot mashallaah

  11. Hi Aisha,

    i wanted to say i have sing this technique whenever i can. my mantra is to marry the love of my life. i repeat it 5 mins everyday mainly before i go to bed and do visualisations. i heard something that i did not want to hear and i’m panicking. please could you help me focus. I’m still thinking positive.


    • Ignore what you hear. If you were walking through a tunnel of darkness and you see light at the end of the tunnel, f you hear scary noises, what do you do?
      Do you stop to see what those noises are or do you start walking faster towards the light?

  12. slimhobbit

    My memory is not that great. I know I’d get it wrong so will one short phrase suffice? Instead of “I have beautiful healthy and long brown hair. My eyes are the perfect grey color that everyone adores. I am strong, I am beautiful and I am happy. I am perfect.” just “I have beautiful, healthy and long brown hair” and leave whatever else I want for when I actually got the first thing?

    • Yes of course. Words are totally your own choice. You can have as short as “I have beautiful brown hair” affirmation.

  13. muslimgirl

    Instead of saying this out loud, can I just think it in my head instead? 😀

  14. Hey Aisha , Im There for you help 😀 , if i wanna make my lips thinner what should be best affirmation? thanks please 😀

    • Keep it simple with something like “I have beautiful perfect lips..” Let the universe do the perfection 🙂

      • Thanks alot for replying , How much time it can approximately take? before i sleep i raise my vibration and then say this everyday for like 20 times! I am waiting for your reply 😛

        • The time depends on the person, their believe and their positive vibes…If you are strong enough with a high believe and you stay positive all the time, then the results come quickly…

          Some of my results have happened within a span of an hour…

          • O_O That is incredible , can i say my affirmation in my mind not out loud? Yes i have higher vibration or frequency u say , i always feel like its already exist in me 😀

          • And Also 😀 I read the mind power section everyday and each day i feel like reading for the first time ! i read the same comments and replies everyday and gets me in higher vibrational state. Thanks alot , :’)

  15. And please write new blogs , i die for them 😥 please please please

  16. mohit

    Hello !
    my age is 18 and i am facing baldness i have no clue if i can regrow my hair if you can help me out \
    i will be gratefull .
    your article has given me hope i will be able to get my hair back !
    help me out with some mantra

    • Yes you can get it back…Do not worry… But as they say, prayers and medicine together work better, I recommend that you see a doctor and consult the issue as it could be an indication of something else…

      Once your doctor gives you the guidelines, include mind power to those guidelines. So if you dr has given you medicine, your medicine should become MAGIC PILLS using mind power… Use affirmations and meditate…

      If you need more help, write back.

      • Truely ! i was facing hair loss a year ago . /
        then consulting Trichologists he has given me some medicine quite a lot a 2-3 month and a spray so by using hairloss stop but i have already loss enough hair or you can say my hair line has cross so talking to a doctor he said the hair cannot grow through medicine it can actually make your hair thin
        but the hair in bald it difficult to come !! i have tried soo many stuff even different oil but 😦
        not result ! \
        if i will able to regrow my hair … i will be thankful to you

  17. Lexi

    I’m very insecure , and I would always talk negative about myself and I just wish I could have prettier eyes , could you please rely back because I really like to know if affirmations really work

  18. How many times you meditate a day? And is there a new way for boosting results except mind power song? Thank you

    • Hi, Frankly, I do not meditate at all now… I used to…Once the ball was set rolling, I only needed to make affirmation even when I was awake and make believe…That’s it.

      Mind power song is just one method. You can use affirmations and visualizations.

  19. Amey96

    Hey that’s a perfect trick. Bt i have a question, do we have to instill the feelings or emotions with affirmations for them to work or just affirmations will do it?

  20. Zahi

    Hi aisha ur blogs r really great and i do believe in mind power….but i hv a qstion can i look at the image instead of visualising?
    And when is ur next blog comin (raise ur vibration)?!😊😊

  21. Zahi

    Hi aisha can you look into the image instead of imagining

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