Pakistani Wedding Journey – The Mayyo Function (Henna Ritual)

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I have been taking you on the journey of my wedding starting from the day I got engaged.

Stage 1. Journey Through A Pakistani Girl’s Wedding – “The Attention Tention”

Stage 2. Journey Through A Pakistani Girl’s Wedding – The Rasam

Stage 3. Pakistani Wedding Journey – Nikkah

We Pakistani’s are really crazy when it comes with all the rituals and cultures. LOL.

Any hoooo,


What is Henna Function?

Henna function happens 2 or 3 days before the wedding. The Bride wears a yellow dress while the groom wears either a white shalwar kameez with yellow dupatta (drape/stall) or he may choose to wear any bright color kurta.

My husband decided to wear a pale orange kurta with white shalwar and white dupatta. Do I need to put the word STALL again in the bracket. Learn people learn. Dupatta = Stall/Drape.

There are many trends for the Bride on Henna day. Some brides wear very fancy dresses with jewelry and also go to the parlor to get their makeup done.

But I wanted to be that Mayyo Bride who looked pretty natural. My dress was yellow and very simple. My jewelry was made of fresh flowers and I did NO MAKEUP. No makeup at all.

P.S: Henna Function isn’t a part of our religion, Islam. It is a culture that we Pakistani’s have adopted and to tell you the truth, Henna Functions are like the most enjoyable and memorable day of everyone related to the Bride and Groom because they is music and dance and all the nonsense but beautiful rasams (which I will talk about in this blog).


Getting Ready For Henna Function

Frankly speaking, as the girl who is responsible for everything from pin to plane, this day was VERY HECTIC for me.


Oh you peasant dare ask me why.

My house was filled with cousins and kids and family members who were all there to help me because, of course this is the BRIDE’s day right? NAH EH…. Wrong answer.

My house was a total mess and chaos. Things were lying here and there. People were scattered in every room and kids were scattered in every nook and cranny of the house. 

To add to the chaos, No one in my damn house can ever find anything, except me, no one knows anything, except me and no one cares to ask anyone else, except me. And there is screaming and yelling for things that they need but they can’t find.

Mom : Where is my dupatta?

Me : Maa it’s on the damn chair.

Dad : What time are we gonna leave?

Me : Dad the bus comes to pick us up at 8.

Brother : Where are my kids?

Me : They are here and there and frankly they are EVERYWHERE.

Cousin 1 : Do my makeup first.
Cousin 2 : Do mine first.

Me : Get me your freaking makeup stuff so I can get started.

Cousin’s mother : No no let her do mine first. Don’t make her so tired. You both can do your own makeup. Let her do mine.

Mom : Where did I put my earrings? It was right in my hand.


Husband Calling : Are you ready yet? Send me a snap. I wanna be the first to look at you in yellow dress.

Me : I am not ready yet. Getting all the other brides ready.

Husband : WTF.

Mom : Why are you not getting ready?

Me : MAAAAA. I have work to do.

This bride did 4 hairstyles, 4 makeups & 3 Dupatta (drape/strall) setting. AND DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY FUCKING PINS YOU HAVE TO PUT IN TO SET THE DUPATTA. It’s like a shop of safety pins in your dress.

To add to my agony, my flower jewelry that delivered that same day (because fresh flower jewelry gets delivered just few hours before) was a TOTAL BULLSHIT. The flowers weren’t even fresh. So at that last minute, my sister in law went and got new flower jewelry made.

Finally when I was done getting everyone ready, I was so damn tired that I started getting unconscious. That’s when I realized, Okay AISHA, take a deep breath and lie down for a few minutes. This is your day, You need to make it happen.

Getting ready was easy and quick because I just had to put on my dress and wear the jewelry. As for makeup, I just put on some chap-stick coz my lips were dry. Then everyone did my Dupatta, which I wanted to be on my head, and cover my face as well.

P.S : DONT TELL ANYONE BUT, I sent my husband a pic of me. LOL.

The Henna Function.

Usually, The Bride and Groom have 2 Henna Functions. When it’s Bride’s Henna, The Groom’s side will arrive as guest and bring the function essentials – Henna, Ubtan (yellow face pack), flowers, sweets etc. When it’s Groom’s Mayyo Function, the Bride’s side will arrive as guests and bring all the goodie goodies.

As for us, we had a combined function. Both the sides brought the henna essentials and did the rasam.

What Happens During The Rasam?

Honestly, the Bride and Groom just sit on the hot seat aka SPOTLIGHT SOFA and each of the family member comes turn by turn to do the rasam which goes something like this :

Apply henna on hand. Apply ubtan on the other hand ( some put on face as well, but I completely forbid as I am allergic to ubtan). Then they give you little piece of sweet ( or if your cousins are assholes like mine they will stuff the entire GULAB JAMAN in your mouth). And finally, they will take some money, and keep it in a matka (container).

This money is given to any poor person.

After the Rasam, dinner is served.

Is that it?

Oh no definitely not.

Then comes the session of pics and images and selfies and duck faces and kids screaming and infants throwing tantrums while their parents are busy eating naans over naans.

There is also music and dance and believe me when the music starts, here is what happens.

That one cousin who thinks he is Michael Jackson of the universe, will take over the floor and refuse to leave until the song is turned into some old classical mother type of song on which he would dance.

Then there is that one cousin who out of all odds starts to dance and everyone’s eyes burn with fire but he seems to think its because he is so talented.

Next will be that cousin who will join the group dance but do absolutely nothing. Like fucking just at least CLAP.

Finally when all adults are done, the kids take over and dance till their parents drag them out of the hall.

And that my friends, was my Henna Function on 17th Of Dec 2015. 




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One thought on “Pakistani Wedding Journey – The Mayyo Function (Henna Ritual)

  1. Amina Rahman

    Hey Aisha! Totally love your narration…. I am looking forward for your posts on rukhsati walima and any other stages of Pakistani Wedding Journey

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