I Changed My Hair Color – Success Story By Hafsa Mujeeb


Hey people of the universe. I hope you are all as awesome as you all are in my imagination ( even much more). Today I am sharing a success story by Hafsa Mujeeb who has used Mind Power to change her hair color.

This is her exact email.


Hi everyone.

I want you all to read this. Because it’s gonna make you believe in the ultimate power within you. You really can achieve anything you can imagine. The only limit is you. I want to share my success story of changing my hair colour just through my mind power.

I have pure black hair and I just love the brownish-golden colour. Just like Aisha’s mother, my mother didn’t allow me to dye my hair or do any stuff like that. This broke me a little. But i still had love for that colour. Last year, i went through this great blog. And I decided to stay determined. I got so inspired that I started to work on it and use my mind power. Whenever I used to see myself in the mirror, i used to feel like my hair colour is changing in the exact colour I want. And while looking in the mirror I used to feel  as if i’ve got that colour. I used to feel happy about it.

I kept doing this everytime i used to see myself in the mirror. I even started googling pictures of hairstyles that i’d make when i’ll achieve that colour. Haha. :’D

Well, umm, this seems crazy but it is all what has let me achieve my desire. Today, i was taking selfies. And woah…When I saw the captured picture i was shocked to see some of my hair had turned into the exact brownish-golden colour I wanted. 😮

I felt so so so happy because i wanted it so badly and i just kept loving that colour and it came to me.
This is how mind power works.

As she said, it’s like a ball. You just have to give it a move and it will start rolling and pick up speed. 😊
You all should believe in the power within you and give it a try. It’s gonna amaze you like it did to me. Just keep practicing to get control on your mind.

Mind power really has worked for me and it works for everyone. You just have to practice it. Not just the hair colour, it can change anything you can imagine, anything you can think about.

You just have to feel as if your desire has came to you and then it will be yours in no time.
Now i’m desperately waiting for all my hair colour to change. And I know it will. 😄
A big thanks to Aisha for sharing this blog. You’re sucha sweetipie. 💕

Stay blessed everyone. And Aisha


Thank you so much Hafsa, for sharing your story with us. It has been one of the happiest moments of my life to see that you have achieved your goals through the power of your mind. It’s something I cannot express in words. Once again thank you.

If you have any success story, please email me your story and I will post it in the blog. Your words may inspire, help and encourage many.

Take care and remember,

You have the power to make it all happen, if you believe. 

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15 thoughts on “I Changed My Hair Color – Success Story By Hafsa Mujeeb

  1. Ang

    Thanks for sharing, I will be and have been trying to using my mind to keep my hair from going gray Im 42 and every strand is jet black and my friends have a few gray hair.

    • Great start and thanks for giving me the idea too 🙂 I will also start mind training myself to keep my hair from going gray and from looking old 🙂

  2. Rose

    How long did it take you?

  3. ribka

    If I want to change my nose to perfect nose. Can I?? Would I?? Or it depends on genes??

  4. RNA

    Aisha, is your email still active? Or are you still active in running this blog? I heard you are pregnant and I hope you won’t leave us. Please. I just dicovered your blog a few weeks ago and I want to use my mind power too and I really need to consult with you.

    • Hi,

      Yes my email is still active and I am still running this blog. I have been blessed with a baby boy so life is definitely busy but I am continuing this blog as long as I can. You can contact me here or on my email. Take care.

  5. Anand

    Hi. Thanks for sharing your story. I am also trying to change my hair color from her to natural black. What affirmation should I say every day. Can you pls guide me

    • Go for something simple like “my hair are healthy shiny beautiful and black. everyone loves my hair and I am getting a lot of praises for my beautiful black hair.”

  6. disha

    Hi aisha your blog is wonderful ! 🙂 I wanted to ask if can I change my skin colour to my desired colour ?

  7. disha

    Hi aisha your blog is wonderful 🙂 I wanted to know if I can change my skin colour to my desired colour ?

    • Anything you want darling…Anything that you believe in will happen.

      • Disha

        Thank you aishaa for your reply . But I have been trying to manifest this change please can you check your email ?

  8. Did she meditate? She didnt say she ever did.

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