Prayer & Thoughts – How Fast & Strong This Power Works



I pray your power of thoughts is realized and increasing with every moment of life.

I used the term pray because I would like to tell that prayers are actually positive thoughts. When your mother blesses you, what is she doing? Those blessings are positive thoughts. When you say “best of luck” to someone going for interview or exam, it is a positive thought. When you pray for the health of your friends and relatives, you are sending out a positive thought.

When you send a positive thought to the universe, The positive thought is a prayer and the universe is the God.

Today, I just want to tell you about a little yet a very strong incident that happened to me yesterday. It will give you an idea of how power of thoughts/ prayers work in mysterious ways and it also will show you the time it takes to make your thoughts turn into an action.

Please do read it and share it.

Scenario :

Yesterday, I was going to the mall with my sister. My brother in law and fiance said that they would meet us at the mall because they were somewhere near that place.

The Incident :

The distance between my house and mall is about 20 mins drive. We took an auto and on the road, a thought came to me.prayerwithwords

I keep saying thoughts have power, positive thoughts work and they can do things. Right? Does it cost me anything to send out a positive thought? NOPE. Then WHY DO WE ALL LIMIT THESE THOUGHTS?  Why are we all so selfish when it comes to sending out prayers. Why are we so miser in this matter?


For the next 15 minutes of that drive, here is what happened.

To each person I saw on my road, I sent out a prayer. Not just the same prayer to everyone. It was specific prayer depending upon the person.

When I saw a baby – I prayed for its good future, its safety.
When I saw a couple – I prayed they always love each other and never face any problems.
When I saw teenagers – I prayed they love and respect their parents.
When I saw an elderly – I prayed they find love, respect and time from their children.
When I saw daily wage workers – I prayed their work prospers.
When I saw any working man – I prayed that his business reaches great heights.
When I saw a father – I prayed that he is able to provide for his family without any hesitations of money.
When I saw a mother – I prayed that she never has to see the pain of her children.

5 to 7 minutes, I gave away personalized prayers to each individual or family. 

Then, I prayed that everyone on that road have their problems solved. Whatever they are worried about most, it would go away. Their major worries would go away. I prayed that everyone on that road GET A GOOD NEWS that very day. I kept repeating these prayers for several minutes.

Then I thought, well, let’s go even more further. And this is something that I usually do whenever I am on the road. I pray that everyone’s heart becomes beautiful. So I prayed for everyone in this world to have a beautiful heart.

And then my destination came.

I started with the shopping and after about half hour my brother in law and my fiance came. As soon as my fiance entered the mall, he met a someone he knew very long back. Both of them had met after a long long time and I thought it was best to leave the two alone to catch up.

They took their time and when my fiance got back to me he gave me a GOOD NEWS.

The Result of power of thoughts/prayers.

You see my fiance is in School administration and he gets 2 months off when the school closes for summer break (June July). Our-prayers-may-be-awkwardHe was looking for a work that he could do in those 2 months instead of sitting idle. As wedding is coming near, he really wanted to get extra work.

Out of all the people in the world, he met this long-lost friend who happened to be at the same place at the same time when he came. He required an extra hand at work in the month of June July. Why? Eid (Muslim’s major celebration that marks the end of Fasting month) is falling in these months this year and business is highest.

My fiance got the job. He got a good news that day and it was my good news of the day too.


My power of thoughts/prayers WORKED. It must have been just an hour between me sending positive thoughts to others and getting my own good news. My prayers traveled across the world, initiated an action and came back to me within ONE FREAKING HOUR .

Prayers are free. Positive thoughts are free. Don’t be selfish and don’t be miser. You might think that it doesn’t make any different when you sent out a prayer to an absolute stranger. BUT YOU ARE WRONG. It makes a huge difference. In ways you will never even know until your prayers come back to you in absolutely gorgeous way and perfect time.

Let us all send out prayers/positive thoughts to everyone we know and to the strangers we see every day.


Let us all send out prayers/positive thoughts that beauty fills everyone’s heart. May everyone’s heart become beautiful because when each heart fills with beauty, this world will become a much better place.

Send out prayers. Send out positive thoughts. You will be amazed with its powers.  


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5 thoughts on “Prayer & Thoughts – How Fast & Strong This Power Works

  1. Dee Jay

    Hey aisha, I want to share my today’s experience with you.
    So I wanted to buy glass painting kit for my niece as it is summer vacation here and I am myself not able to spend any time with her and specifically because she has inclination towards art. But unfortunately I couldn’t find it anywhere in the shops I visited. I wondered how is that possible with all my positive thinking?
    I came back home empty hands, disappointed a bit. But I thought I might go and ask in different shops later, because I have to get it.
    After some time my cousin, for whose daughter I wanted to buy the kit told me that she found a coloring book which I had gifted her few months back (but she was unaware of it) and my niece colored one of the drawings from that!
    Wow! I felt so nice! That’s the positive energy ain’t it? My purpose got served! I wanted to give her something to do in her vacation and she got the colouring book!
    Thanks to positivity and you and your blogs for reviving it! I am so happy!
    Lots of love!

    • Yup that’s all positive energy. While you were going shop after shop looking for it, your thoughts had already triggered an action in the universe and by the time you came home, the action returned a result.

      I always keep saying, Mind Power works in very mysterious ways. All it takes is one single Positive Thought, and the rest of how, what, where; the universe takes care of.

      I am extremely happy to see that mind power is bringing results to you. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope it can provide inspiration to others.


  2. I wish the world could be a better place. on the other hand, this was a really inspirational post. I too, do the same when I am on the road or out somewhere or even at school 😀 sometimes I pray that the students at my school (the loud and undisciplined ones who don’t care about their work) will do well and become more respectful…little things like that 🙂

  3. elliecutte

    I wish the world could be a better place. on the other hand, this was a really inspirational post. I too, do the same when I am on the road or out somewhere or even at school 😀 sometimes I pray that the students at my school (the loud and undisciplined ones who don’t care about their work) will do well and become more respectful…little things like that 🙂 🙂

    • That’s so great to hear. Your thoughts, your prayers will never just go to waste. They will come back to you when you need them the most. They will be there to help you and they will be there to protect you. And when you are in danger, these prayers will stand guard against the danger and save you.

      Every prayer/positive thought, comes around. So does negative thought. KARMA right? But when your Karma is beautiful, you will get back beautiful.

      Keep going and keep praying 🙂

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