How Do You Know That You’ve Reached Alpha Stage?

Subconscious Mind - ConsciousnessSo, I posted a blog sometime back. Well, okay not sometime, a few days back, okay a month back, OKAY OKAY a few months back. HAPPY? Now stop staring at me like that.

So again. I posted a blog Mind Power – What Would You Like To Know Next? or if you had a question on which I could do a blog and elliecutte asked me a rather fascinating and important question,

When you reach Alpha stage how will you know exactly? Will you feel sleepy, very calm and peaceful? or will you just *know* *know* ?

Thank you elliecutte, for asking this question. I am sure this will interest many. Here I am and here is the blog.

How do you know that you’ve reached alpha stage?

It’s hard to explain. How do you explain a feeling? A feeling that is so pure and profound, one cannot express it in words or even if one did try to explain it in words, words wouldn’t be able to justice to that feeling.

Alpha stage, is a magical world of peace, calm and happiness. Something you can experience anytime you want through meditation and positive thinking. Reaching the Alpha stage will give you a certain feel.

Everyone has a different experience of it. Some will feel exactly the same as 80% other people while some unique 20% will have a very different and unexplained experience. Is that 20% bad? Not at all. Those 20% are having an experience that’s unique to only them based upon some special power/ability/feature that they posses.

We will talk about that later. But if you are one of those 20%, let me know your experience.

Alpha Stage Experience In Meditation :

When you are meditating there comes a time when you reach Alpha Stage. How do you know that you have reached that stage? Here is what you might feel or see :


  • Sudden gush of warmth. The good kind of warmth.
  • Calmness, peace and quiet. Like you have been travelling on a noisy train and suddenly you reached a garden where there is nothing but quiet and beauty.2a96e01a382759718cd7034395422b07
  • A sensation on any part of your body or entire body. A sort of energy. Ball of energy.
  • Relaxation.
  • Feeling light. So light that you could fly.
  • Elevated. You might feel you are an inch above the ground.
  • Happiness and contentment. For that moment, everything in the world will be perfect.
  • No distractions. Just an eternity of no thoughts.
  • You may see  white light. A ball of light circling.
  • You may see YIN YANG.
  • You might see another place – a garden, beach..Any place.
  • Not wanting to open your eyes, because this feels good.
  • A strong force around you.
  • A sense of freedom.
  • A feeling of “Stop”. Where you are not running against time, social media, work, friends.
  • That moment is yours.

Alpha Stage Experience In Living:

While Alpha Stage is easy to understand when you are trying to reach it through meditation or thinking, most people do not realize that Alpha Stage is the level in which you can live your life. I am not sure if I have discussed this in previous blog or in the comments section (must oil my brain), so here is the thing about living in Alpha Stage.

When you live in Alpha Stage, it’s like you are always in connection with the universe. You know exactly what you want, how you want and you get it. Your life flows beautifully and everything around you is perfect. You do not have to count 1 to 10 to reach Alpha Stage because you already are in it. You want something and you just go for it.

Life becomes simple. Life becomes easy. And life becomes perfect.

How? How is it even possible? Oh Aisha you are such a liar. This is not logically possible.

Well, let me explain.InspirationalQuote12-Body&Mind

What are the two main things I have been focusing on in almost all my blogs?

Gosh…Do you even have to think about that… Darn it… Have you been paying any attention at all? This is absurd. *slaps herself out from dramatic overreaction.*

In all my blogs my focus is on BELIEVE & POSITIVE THINKING. These two are the keys to the Alpha Stage world. When you start living your life truly upon believe and positive thinking, things automatically seem perfectly fine because, even if something bad happens or it doesn’t go your way, you fall back on Believe that everything will be okay and your positive thoughts immediately send a signal to the universe asking for something better than this.

I hope you are getting my point.

Suppose you lose your job. Now as per my saying, I said, Alpha Stage is a dream life. Everything perfect. You get what you want. Right?

Now when you lose a job, that’s not what you dreamed of. Not something you wanted. BUT since you are in Alpha Stage, it means you have Believe & Positive Thinking. You will immediately believe that it’s going to be okay and you will positively think that you will find a better job. VOILA… You have immediately sent out a signal to the universe and before you even know, the universe has already started working to find you a job that’s even way better than the one you lost.

So in the end, you lost a job but for what? You lost it to find a better job. Losing your previous job was, in that case, a good thing. That’s exactly what happens in Alpha Stage.

Here are some experiences to know that you have entered Alpha Stage living.

  • You always get the positive side even in bad times.
  • You believe everything will be okay.
  • You believe everything is possible.
  • You are always surrounded by positive thoughts.
  • You are cheerful, happy and full of energy.
  • You feel active.
  • You smile a lot. Like really a lot. You might look at a bird and smile because it’s beautiful.
  • You start looking at things in a positive way.
  • Everything around you starts looking beautiful.
  • The birds, the trees, the sky, everything appears shiny and beautiful.
  • People around you find comfort in you.
  • Babies who usually always cry will find peace and comfort around you, specially if you hold them.
  • Any ill person will start feeling a little better in your presence.
  • Your presence will make the surroundings pleasant.
  • You will be more loved and wanted by everyone.
  • Strong gut feelings.
  • Clear sight of small things that are usually not noticeable. (Like lines on the palm).
  • A stronger 6th sense.
  • A better sense of judgement that will prove right from time to time.
  • Cheerful behavior.
  • Being able to focus on work, life and love.
  • Better multitasking skills.

Those are a few things that you will feel and see in Alpha Stage. Share your Alpha Stage experience. I would love to hear them. As always, questions and comments are always more than welcomed. Don’t be shy 🙂

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12 thoughts on “How Do You Know That You’ve Reached Alpha Stage?

  1. Ellie

    Wonderful wonderful post. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share. I would like to share something with you if that’s okay. So, I am really interested in the power of the mind and what it can do. I have not started the 7 week meditating program yet, but I will soon. However, I still keep doing affirmations in my head even if I am not quite trained to reach Alpha stage.

    So I take ballet classes and I love dance. However, it has become a burden for me because my teacher is quite demanding and she doesn’t like me because I’m not as experienced as the other girls. (the other girls are really good). Class doesn’t always go too well either, because I always make mistakes and she gets quite frustrated. So, before my lesson today, during the day I kept saying “today will be a great class. i will do each step perfectly. my teacher will be nice today. today’s class will be fun.”

    And guess what!! My teacher was actually PATIENT today! she was in a good mood, and she even let us try on our recital costumes! (they were beautiful by the way!!) after class i was shocked.
    What do you think happened? do you think it was just a coincidence? or was it actually my mind power? i haven’t even trained properly in attaining alpha stage.

    • That’s wonderful to hear. I am so happy that you are starting to see the results of positive thinking. And it doesn’t matter that you haven’t started meditating because meditation is just a step to remove negativity which is essential in reaching the Alpha Stage. You don’t need meditation if you can handle your thoughts without it. It’s not a coincidence. You made a positive thought and it reached the universe. You are exactly on the right track.

      I would like to correct your statement though. “Today.” Don’t just make that one single day better. Generalize it for all the days to come ahead so that everyday is better and perfect.

      How about, “Everyday, in every way I am getting better and better and better. My dance step is getting perfect everyday. My teacher is ALWAYS nice to me. Everyday I become even better in my dance. I am a symbol of perfection.”

      • Ellie

        Thank you so much! I’m so so happy to know that I can reach the universe through positive thinking even without proper training of getting to alpha. Thank you for your correction, also because I would like every day to be perfect! And I really enjoyed this post because living in alpha stage sounds amazing. Also, thank you for mentioning me and my comment in this post! (i’m elliecutte) hee hee 😀

        I was also reading a post on a blog here:

        and she was writing about how you can change your appearance and things through mind power and visualization. She mentioned some people even completely changed the shape of their nose! That’s crazy! (a good kind of crazy)

        I also made my own mind power blog, and it’s more of a journal to keep track of my meditation and also to document my success and experiences! 😀

        🙂 I look forward to more of your awesome blogs, not just on mind power, but on anything else because your non-mind power related blogs are so funny! 😀 bless!

        • Yes, it actually is possible to change the shape of your nose. Mind power is such an amazing thing to have. My next blogs on Mind Power are going to be on a different subject so stay tuned and do spread the links as much as you can.

          I am happy, really happy that you find my blogs awesome and they are helping you in your life. Good luck and may all your dreams and wishes come true.

  2. Ma’am,

    I’ve been reading your blog from a few days ago. And from Monday this week, I was trying your antivirus trick, and to be honest, it’s had quite a positive impact on me. The negativity that used to plague me and that created a negative bubble around me is fading away, but I still have residual stress and anxiety from nearly a decade of hardships in life. How do I get rid of that deep-seated residual stress and anxiety?

    And I’ve also been trying this meditation technique, counting from 100 to 0. However, for the first 2 days, I was dong it lying down instead of sitting up. Today I tried it sitting up and I felt some slight energy flow through me here and there in my body. I chanted my desires thus:
    I have red hair.
    I have Emerald green eyes.
    I have snow white skin.
    My race is Celtic Caucasian.
    I repeated this over a 100 times and then counted form 10 to 0 before opening my eyes and smiling wide as you’ve instructed.

    But during my attempted meditation, I did face some hassles and disturbance, not to mention slight mind diversion which I quickly brought back in line every time.

    I understand it’ll take more time, since I live in a very hot region and I’ve gone from being yellowish as a kid to very dark as a 23 year old. But I have a few queries:
    1. Am I doing it right?
    2. What do I need to modify/change/add in order to make my beliefs more effective? How do I cut out all diversions?
    3. I’ve been listening to this subliminal for a few days now:
    3a. Is it okay or should I scrap it?
    3b. IF I should scrap it, for what reason must I do it? I’d like to understand this a bit deeper.


    • Woah!!! That’s a long query. One that I love to answer 🙂

      First, why did you chant your affirmation 100 times? Just 3 or maximum 7 times during meditation is enough. You can repeat these affirmations throughout the day while doing any work or just as soon as you remember. Just to make clear, you have to count from 100 to 0. Then say your affirmations and then count 10 to 0 to come out.

      Now to your questions.

      1. Yes, you are doing it right.

      2. Start thinking positive about everything. Start admiring the world around you. Admire your own beauty, the beauty of flowers, sky, stars, moon etc. All this brings a sort of positivity. I have also written a blog on making a shield of positive bubble around you. Plz read that.

      3. Please read my latest blog on subliminals.

      • Ma’am, I usually ask all queries at the same time because most people get irritated when I ask incessant questions. Personal experience, so I’ve decided to ask all queries in one go. That’s my standard MO.

        I was a bit confused and was half hearted at the time so I chanted it a 100 times instead of 3-7. My bad, I’ll change it now that I know.

        Thanks a lot for the reply ma’am.

        • Let me tell you, I love long queries. I enjoy answering them as it means I am being able to help more. A number of times is not fixed to 3 – 7. But chanting 100 times seems like a lot of stress for our mind. So chant a lesser number. Take care and good luck.

  3. pravin tharsan

    i wnt t spk with you few words

  4. suzanne

    this is fabulous. i had a panic attack a while ago while trying to sign for some papers at the passport office. ever since then that incident does not leave me and whenever i am signing ,my hands shake terribly. how can i get my confidence and courage back. i have tried everything but i am now suffering with fear.

    • ummm… I know that moment when the panic attack takes over you. As for you, I suggest that you think of the worst case scenario. If you are about to sign and you can not, what is the worst that could happen? You won’t sign…That’s all… Tell yourself, its no big deal… Even if you can’t…


      At the same time, fight the fear. Say its not a big deal if a can’t but today I WILL sign.

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