How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 2 (Power Of Thoughts)

Power Of Thoughts Hi everyone. This has been the long awaited part 2 of How To Actually Get Everything That You want. I am honestly very surprised at the sort of feedback I have got on my previous blogs. And I am also happy that some of the comments have been stories of success. I know many of you are still struggling with achieving the Alpha stage or getting their mind focused on positive. It takes time to clean up a messy library and organize it into a clear order. So please don’t give up. I know you can do it. Anyone who has the will and courage to take this step into a happy life, can do it. In today’s blog we will be talking about POWER OF THOUGHTS. I have been talking so much about having positive thoughts. Thoughts that will change your reality. Thoughts that will give you what you have been thinking.

So how do you achieve your desired goals?

The only way to alter your reality, turn thoughts into action and get whatever that you want is through a connection with the universe, the universe that runs everything. As a religious person, this universe is what we all consider as GOD. Let me explain. The universe or the force that makes your reality/future, has a frequency. In order to make a change, you have to reach that frequency. That frequency is what we call The Alpha Stage. Sounds simple isn’t it. You would think it’s difficult to do but it is as simple as it sounds.

And how do you connect with the universe?


The-Power-of-Thoughts-If-you-realized-how-powerful-your-thoughts-are-you-would-never-think-a-negative-thought How again. Your thoughts have a frequency of their own. Happy thoughts have different frequency. Sad thoughts have different frequency. Angry thoughts have different frequency. Jealous thoughts have different frequency. All your thoughts have different frequencies. These are the frequencies that reach the universe and when the universe receives these frequencies, it gives back a corresponding frequency (an action, a future). Just like how a radio works. You don’t see any signals coming into the radio. With wrong frequency all you hear is cheeeeeeeeeeeee chuuuuuuuuuuu grrrrrrrrrrrr. But when you fine tune your radio and reach the right frequency you hear the sound of music, the music that lifts your spirits, that makes you wanna dance, that makes you happy.

Here is a little proof for you to believe in power of thoughts and frequency.

Let’s talk about love. Have you been in love? That true love sort of love, going beyond every words. It doesn’t have to be love between 2 opposite sex. Loving your siblings, loving your parents, loving your children, loving your grandparents, loving your spouse, loving your best friend ever. Now, think about the person you love the most in this world. And tell me if any of the following has ever happened :

  •  You have been thinking about your love/friend/parents and 5 minutes later you get a call from them?
  •  Your heart suddenly feels terrible and you do not know why and later you find out that the person you love is fallen ill, has got hurt or is having a hard time in life?
  • All of a sudden you just want to talk to your parents/kids abroad and when you call them, you find out they have been thinking about you.
  • You call a friend and they tell you that they need you.
  • You have this gut feeling that something is wrong (may be even think about someone) and later you find out something was actually wrong (with the same person you had thought of).
  • You gift someone, something and that was exactly what they needed.
  • You call/sms someone in the middle of the night because you just felt like it and the other person was awake too, finding it hard to sleep.
  • You say something exactly the same time someone else says the same thing.

Has this happened to you?

For me it has happened so shockingly so much.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain. Like my fiance and I share very weird love life. We will both text each other at the exact same time with exact words. Most of the time while we text chat, We will be writing the answer to the question other person will be writing at the same time. So when we both send our msgs, Well, the question and answer reach each other at the exact same time. We even say that we should rather just talk in our thoughts.

How does all that happen?

Love thought has a frequency. When you love someone you start connecting images (2)with them through that frequency.  You can easily feel their presence sometimes, even so much as smell their fragrance around when you are most thinking about them. It all happens through the frequency. When you are in love, you both tune to the same frequency which allows you to connect at a level that is only unique to you and that person. That pretty much explains the concept of SOUL MATE. When your frequency connects with the frequency of the other person, you find your Soul Mate.

Thoughts, Frequencies & Universe.

So now that you know all thoughts have frequencies. These frequencies reach the universe. And the universe sends back the same frequency towards you. It’s how you communicate with the universe.thoughtsdestiny1 When you you send a sad frequency to the universe, it sends you back a sad frequency. When you send a happy frequency, it sends you back a happy frequency. That’s why I always emphasize on thoughts because thoughts are very important. They have power. They have the frequency which you are constantly sending out to the universe, and the universe is sending you back. Change your thoughts, change your future 🙂 

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35 thoughts on “How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 2 (Power Of Thoughts)

  1. John

    I’m having a hard time using the mind positivcely

    • Are you meditating? And have you tried making a shield around you?

      • John

        No, somehow missed both of those things <_<


          You will find the blogs in order. I recommend that you read them all because I have taken mind power step by step. If you skip a step, you will have hard time in using your mind power. I have tried to explain everything and it’s working in steps.

          There is a blog on meditation as well as how to make a shield around you that will protect you from negative energies.

          If you still need more help, I am always here 🙂

          • John

            Yes, and a question, when you said you changed your Hair Color did that take years of constant thinking? Or just a little want? I want to know the difficulty range of things.

            • I will be honest, as I mentioned in the blog, at that time I was unaware of what I was doing. I didn’t know about Mind Power. I just kept on thinking of having chestnut hair. So I do not know what exact time it took for the change to happen. I would say 3 to 6 months may be. Because in those months, that’s all I could think about.

              But after I learnt about Mind Power and how your thoughts have power, I have got results in as little as few minutes. Like if I want to eat something special, I will get it from a neighbor or my fiance will bring it.

              Even for physical changes, like my crooked teeth. I did 15 to 30 days of meditation and doors opened up out of nowhere to get my teeth fixed.

              I can now lighten or darken the shade of my hair within 24 hours. Few months back, I decided I wanted to go lighter on chestnut, few days later I realized it was getting lighter to the extent that I had to STOP my mind saying okay STOP, don’t go lighter.

              So, it all depends on your believe in mind power and also what sort of thing you are wanting. Major physical changes will take time, but other things like more money or good job etc, will take lesser time.

              • John

                Sorry for pestering but do you get better at it the more you do it? I noticed you said you can now change your hair in less than 24 hours

                • Yes, I said that. But I would like to clear that the change I am talking about was just a matter of light and dark shade of the color I already had. Of course it would take longer if I had to go from dark brown to blonde. It wouldn’t happen in 24 hours. ALTHOUGH, it still is possible. But i havent reached that level of MIND POWER. I am sure people who have reached high levels can do that.

                  So, yes I did manage to lighten my hair tone. I started seeing results in 24 hours.

                  The more you do the better but you have to make sure that you are not FORCING yourself into it. Remember, mind power works faster on the UNCONSCIOUS level. So if you are just forcefully doing affirmations LIKE ITS A JOB, it won’t work.

                  Do it 20 times a day IF YOU FEEL like doing it, otherwise even that 1 time of the day when you feel like doing it, works well. Because WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE DOING IT, it means something in the universe has connected with you and is calling you.

  2. Faith N.

    Do you still use twitter?

  3. onkar Joshi

    Great Blog

  4. onkar Joshi

    I had gone one incident before some days. i have awakened my kundalini. means at the time of meditation my body is automatically operating yoga postures .which i had never know about.
    shall we call this an alpha stage of mind. please reply.

    • Yes, you have an awakened kundalini but it is the realization of your body and energy. It is not the Alpha Stage in itself but its a path that takes you there.

      In easier words, others are all using ladders to reach alpha stage while you have an elevator where you just click on the top floor and you reach alpha stage.

  5. onkar Joshi

    thanks for reply aisha, i am in love with a girl & want to marry with her but there is a objection from my family & her family. shall i change there view & get married with her without any objection by mind power.if yes, then please,please,please tell me how to do this.please reply aisha.

    • You can do so with Mind Power but the thought process needs to be simple and justified. Justified? Yes. Your thoughts shouldn’t focus on hypnotizing them or making them think like you do.

      A more justified thought process would be, just imagine yourself with that girl, happily married with both the families happy and giving their blessing to you. You can imagine it as your wedding day or any day after your wedding. The aim is to think of a happy life with her as your wife along with your families who are happy with you.

      • onkar Joshi

        thanks aisha di,thank u very much i m imagining like u said but sometimes while imagining negative thoughts coming in the way. how should i get rid on them? & one thing i want to ask u that how many times in a day i have to imagine? please let me know. & thanks once again for supporting me. you are playing a role of elder sister in my life.

        • I have written a very detailed blog on cleaning your mind. (

          At the end of the blog, you will find 3 steps. Although all three steps are important, but for your negative thoughts, please specifically read STEP 3. It will give you one simple method to stop your negative thoughts.

          Now, about how many times you need to do it. Frankly and honestly, it depends on your connection with the universe and with your own mind. If you feel you get connected within once a day, then do it one time. If you feel you have to do it 2 or 3 times, do it 2 or 3 times.

          If you feel connected for ONE MINUTE, that one minute is all you need but if you feel connected in 15 or 30 minutes, then that is what you need. So only you can decide how many times and for how long you need to meditate.

          As for the entire day, what I usually do is, when I want something, I just repeat the affirmations throughout the day whenever I remember. Like if I am doing the dishes or laundry and I remember, I just repeat my affirmations 3 times. So this goes on entire day.

          It’s an honor for me to be considered as an elder sister. From today on, you are my online little brother 🙂

  6. onkar Joshi

    also please explain me how to reach alpha stage. i dont want to do meditation because when i close my eyes for meditation after 5 minutes i lost my control over my body. it will automatically operates yoga postures & pranayam. so tell me the way other than meditation. please.

    • How many times have you tried this? If you have done this just once, I would recommend that you do it again once or twice BUT, this is how you should do it. Set an alarm right next to you that should go off after 2 or 3 minutes. Set the alarm to loud. Or you can ask a friend or family to wake you up after 3 minutes. This will keep you safe in case you get too focused and can’t seem to come out.

      Have you read my blog on meditation? doing this, but if you still experience the same in two or three sessions, let me know and I will give you some other method.

  7. onkar Joshi

    hii, aisha di how are you? you are the best .i am doing as u said and things are happening as per my will within 24 hours. i want ask u 1 thing ,if i getting an intuition that something is going to happen which i dont want. then how can i stop that thing from happening.

    • That’s amazing. Exactly like I said that while others are using ladder/stairs, you have escalator/lift to reach alpha stage. I am happy for you. You should apply the same technique that I have mentioned in installing anti-virus for your brain. The same method of Cancel, Cancel and Cancel, to cancel a negative thought or something that you do not wish to happen.

  8. onkar Joshi

    hii aisha di,i m imagining that i get married with the girl happily & taking blessings from parents. but things are going worst . her family members are doubting us & continuously keeping watch on both of us . i dont know why it is happening? & how to handle this. di i really love her & want to marry with her.
    please give me advice . please reply

    • Hi…Can you contact me on my email? I think you need to hear my side of story when I was in exact same situation as yours 🙂

  9. onkar Joshi

    Hii Aisha Di, in last 6 months lots of things happened in my life some good,some bad, whenever i build close relations with peoples something happens & those peoples go away from me emotionally. is this happen due to my thinking? because every moment i live in a some kind of something negative will happen with me. now i m tired with this.please suggest me what to do? This is a Diwali time here,
    Wish U a Very Very happy Diwali.

    • Hello Onkar,

      That’s something even I struggled with for a very long amount of time in my life. There came a time when I started blaming myself ( my dark shadow, my evil spirit etc)…. until I realized, IT IS ALL IN MY HEAD. People come and people go. That’s how it was always meant to be. There is nothing you and I or anyone can do about it.

      What we can do is, keep a positive approach towards losing people. Yup. That’s right. Don’t tie yourself to them. Love them, care for them but also learn to let go when it’s time.

      That’s life. Keep thinking positive. Let go of the fear of losing them.

      Thanks for the diwali greetings. Happy diwali to you as well. May your life be filled with bundles of joy.

  10. zahra

    Hii Aisha, i was looking up on how to control the mind as one of my friend mentioned it to me and we discussed about how we can make our minds make things happen. I thought about it nd realised its happened alot of times nd i felt special lol. But i came across your page and its amazing. It really makes me happy and gives me hope. You are very genuine person and i pray the best for you. Sorry if it is too long but i wanted to say im really trying to use my mind for something really big but keep getting confused but i know exactlt what i want. How can i focus without getting distracted. Thankyou 🙂

    • Hi Zahra,

      I am glad my blogs/words bring hope to you. Mind Power, as I keep saying, is a very fascinating thing. Distraction is caused mainly because of negative thoughts and negative thoughts are major hindrance in mind power. To achieve mind power, you need to be elevated. This elevation comes from being in positive mind power state, peaceful state of mind and with constant believe.

      Now, I do not know where your distraction lies. Are you having negative thoughts, are you unhappy or do you feel your mind is restless? I would be able to guide you once I know this.


      • Zahra

        I am having negative thoughts even though its something i really want. i keep getting doubts but im 101% sure i want this but i want to get rid of them thoughts. il be unhappy without it and start thinking negative. i try hard to stat positive and visualize my life the way i want it and tell myself that’s what im going to get.


  11. pavithra

    The frequency matching with the person you love you mentioned happened exactly the same to me as it happened to you too. We would always have the same thoughts and say the same words at random times and we would both be surprised as well. Unfortunately, my love left cause we come from different religious backgrounds and that we might end up hurt in the end if our families separate us different but I still love him so much i really want him back and I’m hoping that by some miracle I get him back which is why I’m referring to your posts. Lets hope I can change my future as you say you can. 😦

    • Hi,

      Hope for the best and the best for you will come along. Sometimes, we think something is good for us, but the universe has an even better plan for us. So hold on tight, keep believing and keep hoping. Every positive thought you send out, will bring you a positive result. Lots of love and strength 🙂

  12. Hara

    Hi Aisha ,since my childhood I’m shy, being bully,don’t have many friends, always being ignored, no talents and beauty compare with my sister is far away better than me.people more adores her.until now my teen life still living in the shadow even though i more open up .am I late bloomer? Or just bring the bad luck?

    • Stay strong. Start meditating and think positive. There is nothing as bad luck. Just bad thoughts that bring bad actions. Think good and you will get good.

  13. alisha

    hy what you think about subliminals do you listen to subliminal message does that wrk for you?

    • I do not believe in subliminals because the only thing they succeed in doing is giving your mind a rhythm/focus, but then it is just my personal opinion. Personally I have never used them.

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