Fight Off Negativism. Make A Shield Bubble Around You

Fight Negativism With Positivism

Please read my previous blog on Positive & Negative bubble. As this blog continues with that reference.

Now, I have already talked about fighting off negative thoughts inside your mind through the CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL technique. It is a simple yet very powerful technique to fight off your inner negativism. Trust me, this simple technique is all you need to fight off negative thoughts that keep coming to you. It is explained in details HERE.

Sure this is simple because all you have to do is cancel your inner negative thought and replace it with a positive thought. THEN WHY ARE WE ALL STILL UNDER NEGATIVE BUBBLE?

The reason most of us are still under the negative bubble is not because of the inner negativism. Inner negativism is easy to fight off. It’s because of the outside negativism that makes our negative bubble stronger and stronger everyday, without us even acknowledging it.

Outside negativism include constant pressure, constant let down feeling, being told you can’t do it, being told you are not good enough, being FELT that we are nothing and being FED that we have no existence.

What do you do with the negativism of other people and negative energies all around you?

Fight Negativity

Suppose a friend/colleague/relative comes to you and says, it is a gloomy, sad and terrible day. Nothing has been going right. This is the worst day ever.

What do you usually do?

90% of the time you just agree with them. Not because you agree with them, but it seems like the ethical reply to give. Even if you have something good going on, you tend to agree with them because the other person is miserable. So you put on your miserable face and just go with the flow.

Sometimes, you don’t even have the time to talk back so you just agree to shut the fellow up.

Am I right? Do you do that?

Do you realize what you have just done? You just turned your good day, into a bad miserable day. You agreed to the person and sent out a negative thought to the universe saying the day is miserable and since we all have a strong negative bubble , the negative thoughts tend to work faster.

And so, your good day turns into a miserable day. JUST LIKE THAT.

This was a very small example of how other’s negativism influences yours but it only happens because you allow it.

And trust me, you are surrounded by many people who have very strong negative bubbles. They shoot negativism towards you like an arrow from a bow, that penetrates your bubble and hits you, hits you hard.

So how do you stop that? How do you stop negativism that comes from others?

knock-out-negativityIf someone comes to you and complains about a bad day, reply with, “I am sorry to hear that, but my day so far has been amazing and I believe it will continue to be amazing, rest of the day, rest of the life.”

Not only do you make your own positive bubble stronger, you also weaken the negative bubble of the other person. Thus you help them too.

From today on wards, you are never going to agree with a negative thought, not from you and not from others. Whenever you get a negative thought, hear a negative thought or feel like a negative energy is around you, you STOP. You replace the negative thought with a positive thought.


Here are some general negative thoughts from people and how you can reply to them.

1. It is the worst day. Nothing is going right

“I am sorry YOU feel that way. My day has been going great and I wish the same for you.

2. This world is full of bad people.

“I believe if you are good, you only meet good people and only good happens in your life.”

3. All my time goes on my kids. I barely get time to do something for myself. This is so unfair.

“I love spending time with my kids. They may be naughty or annoy you at times, but at the end of the day, they make me smile and make my life wonderful.”

4. My boss never appreciates my work.

“As long as you know your work is good, that satisfaction is all you need.”

5. I am going to fail my exams.

“Let’s study together and pass together?” or “If you have studies really hard, you will pass your exams…There’s no doubt in that.”

6. I hate my life. What em I doing with it.

“All you need to do is believe in yourself. Because outside your fears, is a world full of beauty and hope.”

7. I hate my work / job/ xyz.

“Hate is such a strong word to use for anybody. If you don’t like it, change it. If you can’t change it, like it. And things will all be okay.”

8. Hey, you know, xyz is so jealous of you. I heard him/her talk about you to his/her friend.

“I pray that they find happiness in loving themselves and others as much as I find my happiness in doing so.”

These are just a few examples of how you can respond to negative thoughts without letting them harm you and they also help put away negativism in others.

Now, I just want to ask if you noted all the above positive sentences. THEY ARE JUST PLAIN ETHICS. These are words of hope. Words of blessings. Words of prayers. Hoping someone will feel better. Blessing them for a better life. Praying that their life would be great too. Making them believe.

It all comes down to making a better place for yourself and the others.

You are spreading positive energy around you and what you give to others will come back to you 9 folds time back towards you. My blogs for example. They are not rocket science. Simple words of hope. They are free. I don’t earn a penny from this site. I write because I want spread positivism. When I get your comments, when people want to talk to me privately and when I get told that my words have made you feel better, THAT POSITIVE ENERGY comes back to me in such a beautiful way. That makes my positive bubble stronger. So I guess I am earning so much from it.


There are those annoying, pesky people who, no matter what, just want to discourage you with their words. Nothing good ever comes out from their mouth. To such A**hole people, you are going to BURN THEM with something that will haunt them forever.

9. You are not going to finish this work on time. OR . You will fail in life. OR ANY ONE SAYING ANY F***ING THING that says you are going to fail or be bad at. 

“Well, you don’t know what I am capable of. I have superpowers that you know not of. And I know, I WILL MAKE IT.” 

You do realize you have the superpowers now. You have the power to alter your world, alter yourself and make your life better. You have MIND POWER that works like a genie. Isn’t that a SUPER POWER?



Now the above said things are for negativism that’s coming in words to you and you reply back with positive words. What about negative energies and powers that comes to you, unsaid, undeclared and unseen? Negative energies from people around you?

You know that sort of feeling that you get when people don’t say anything in words but you still know that they hate you, or they don’t believe in your work or they think you are just a failure?

These energies may come from your boss, parents, children, friends, enemies, in-laws etc. How do you fight off these energies?

When ever you see a person with negative bubble coming towards you, or feel a negative energy, here is what you do.


Positive Bubble Protection

Step 1. INHALE. TAKE A DEEP BREATH, (When you are inhaling, imagine fresh air. Like the fresh air from a country side, mountain areas, the plateaus.

Step 2. That fresh air is positive energy. Your body is now filled with positive energy.

Step 3. EXHALE. Let out your breath as much as you can (When you are exhaling, imagine all negativism going out).

Step 4. MAKE A SHIELD AROUND YOU. You have just let all negative energies out and you have filled yourself with positive energies. You are right now a ball of positive energies. You have the world’s positive energy inside you. Form that energy around you. MAKE A POSITIVE BUBBLE AROUND YOU. It’s your shield. You are now inside a positive shield of bubble.


Your shield is now protecting you. No negative energy can penetrate through it. No words can break it. It’s your shield and it will allow only positive energies to come at you. All negative energies will bounce off.

You are now under a positive shield bubble. How do you feel? Do let me know. 

Sorry this blog got very lengthy. I just didn’t want to skip anything and words kept coming.

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4 thoughts on “Fight Off Negativism. Make A Shield Bubble Around You

  1. Great, spreading postives from your postive sheild bubble 🙂 Jazakillah all prayers for you My Craze-wise lil-lady

  2. uzma

    gr8 writing but i think these things r just temporary fake plays one can play with himself…the bitter truths of world n failiures one has to face with every moment cant be deal with things like that…not so easy

    • You say it’s not easy. But it’s not impossible. And it only depends on person to person. Some just let their weakness take over them while some fight against their weakness. The latter in my eyes is brave and strong.

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