Negative Bubble – Reason Why Your Mind Power Is Slow Or Not Working

Positive Thoughts

I have been getting a lot of questions and queries that mind power is not working or it is taking a lot of time. Which is true. I mean you don’t want to wait 1 whole year just to see the results, isn’t it. We are all impatient little cheesy heads. We want results ASAP. Heck, we don’t even like waiting when an application is getting downloaded on PlayStore. We just wish it would be a click and go sort of a download.

Then why wait one whole year for something to start showing results. Right?

What if I told you, you don’t have to wait one year. You don’t even have to wait a month. Depending upon what you are doing using your mind power, your results should start showing within 24 hours, if you get the hang of mind power.

Of course, something will take time, like trying to get the love of your life. You can’t expect to find love within a few hours of your Mind Power. But how about getting a good job? That will be quicker. Really quicker.

So it all depends, but be sure that for things such as good health, good job, good body etc, results have to be quick. That’s the point of mind power.


In one of my earlier blogs, I did speak about what you need to do, before you start your mind power techniques. If you haven’t read them, please read them here. Today we are going to talk about the main reason why your mind power is not working or is working miserably slow.

Suppose you have a house you have been living carelessly in for past 15 plus years. You didn’t bother about cleaning it or decorating it. You just lived a messy life. And then one day, you just want to completely change its interior. Get new furniture. Remodel it. Make it look fabulous, cozy and clean.

What do you do?

You get rid of all the old furniture. You throw away garbage. You also remove the things that you do not want.Things that may be lying around in your house for ages but never have been used. You remove them from your house. You also go head over heels on cleaning the house. Mopping the floor and cleaning the walls before you bring in new furniture and carpet and curtains.


You been using your mind carelessly for the past 15 plus years. And for so many years you have filled your mind with NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. Just because suddenly you realize, OH I NEED POSITIVE THOUGHTS, doesn’t mean those new thoughts will immediately start working your way. Because your mind is full of negative thoughts.

Those negative thoughts have formed a NEGATIVE BUBBLE AROUND YOU.

What does this negative bubble do.

Only negative energies can penetrate through this bubble and all the positive energies bounce away. Which means, no positive thought comes into this bubble and no positive thought goes out of this bubble. This is the reason
most of the people find it hard to use the power of thoughts. Because their thoughts bounce back to them. They don’t reach the universe.

This bubble, doesn’t let your positive thoughts go out, it interrupts the frequency you are trying to connect with the universe and it makes it hard for you to reach the alpha stage.

You are trapped. Encapsulated in this negative bubble.

Let me prove to you.

Do you find bad things happening really quickly? Like you said, it’s going to be a terrible day and it happens. Or you say you are not going to finish the work on time and it happens. Or you feel something bad is going to happen and something bad does happen.

Think back.



Your negative bubble, immediately is able to send out negative thought to the universe, and the universe makes it happen. But for a positive thought to go out, it must first fight the negative bubble. Which is why it takes up several repeated positive thoughts to make good things happen but one single negative thought to make bad results.

In order to get quick and speedy results of Mind Power you need to form a positive bubble around you. This positive bubble will bounce off all the negative energies that come from the people who are always trying to make you feel small, feel less and feel worthless. It will fill you with good energies making you happy, light and content.

Being happy is ONE of the top reasons mind power works. Being happy makes mind power work like a genie. That’s why in most of my blogs I have been talking about letting go of all the negative energies, feeling relaxed and to believe in yourself. Because once you do that, YOU FEEL HAPPY.

So from now on, I want you to break yourself out of that negative bubble. Fill a positive bubble around you.

Things you can do to form a positive bubble :

# 1. Believe in yourself. Really believe in yourself.

# 2. Meditate. (Read my easy method for meditation, here)

# 3. Put posters around you with inspirational, motivational quotes.

# 4. Don’t let other’s alter your feelings. Only you have the power to do that. No one else does.

# 5 . Fight off negativism. (How? My next blog is on it’s way on this subject).

# 6. Listen to songs that lift your mood.


# 7. DANCE. Yes dance. You don’t need to go to the bar, a wedding or have friends. Dance like you have never danced before. Close that door on your room. Put on some music. And dance. You don’t have to be a dancer. Just shake those hands up in the air, lift those legs off the ground and jump. Do it today. And let me know how you felt that day. I will be waiting for the response.



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10 thoughts on “Negative Bubble – Reason Why Your Mind Power Is Slow Or Not Working

  1. R

    Yes Aisha.. i have been facing with the above said ” negative bubbles” :((.. I am eagerly waiting for your next blog to know how to fight against negativism.

  2. Mumbo Jumbo

    Hello Aisha,
    I came across your blogs and it changed my life!! (seems similar to the speech in Telebrands ad)
    Thank you for writing up a blog on such subjects, Mind Power, one of the subjects I am very much interested in.
    Thank you.

    • As long as the telebrand speech is coming here, I am totally okay with it 🙂

      Thanks for the comment Mumbo Jumbo 🙂

  3. Pingback: Fight Of Negativism. Make A Shield Bubble Around You | Aisha's Scrapyard

  4. Oh here again, Aisha all the way back on track……thanx for sharing ur motivational words dear 🙂

  5. Dee Jay

    Hey I am too trying this positive mind power for my hair!
    I realised that as I tell myself I am going to work with this positive power for my hair, I take more care of them and in turn I am getting good hair and so I am getting more positive!
    It is such beautiful circle!
    Thanks for your help and positivity!

    • Yes. That’s what I say about just getting the ball rolling. Coz once the ball starts rolling, it only speeds up and Mind Power soon become miracles. You would be all shocked and surprised when you wake up in the morning craving for a chocolate cup cake and just a few hours later, somebody brings exactly the same.

      • Dee Jay

        Does it work to that extent?
        Then I think that person must be the happiest and obviously one who is most positive!
        Will let you know if I reach that point.
        Has that happened to you?

        • Yes it works to that extent. Actually we have no idea how amazing this Mind Power thing is. Do you play Subway Surfers? Do you know I use mind power in that game?

          People use Mind Power only for fixed things like physical change or job. But mind power works for everything. I even use mind power in Cooking. My baths are not normal baths. I bath with magical water flowing from the shower that makes beautiful. The water I drink, it’s magical water that heals my body. Heck, even my creams are magical. So is my shampoo.

          Remember those days when you were a child and Santa was real. Fairies were real. And so was Magic. Everything was magical and it was good times. Bring those times back.

          Here I go again. It’s like I end up writing an entire blog in comments.

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