Sometimes, I Just Want To Be Meeeeeeee


Sometimes I wake up in the morning,
Well better call it afternoon.
And feel like I want to do nothing at all
Nothing that really soon.

I don’t want to brush my teeth
I don’t want to bath today
I don’t want to do anything
That’s how I want to spend the day

I might want to eat a little
May be eat a little more
I might want to sleep again
Sleep a little more

How about I stay in my pajama
And watch all seasons of a show
Marathon of Big Bang Theory
That’s how my entire day will go

I don’t want to smile today
Well, at least not fake it for you
Today I will smile when I want
I will cry if I so desire to

Today, I make a day of my own
To be slouchy and lazy and crazy
Today I will be all that I want
All that makes me, mee…

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Just Want To Be Meeeeeeee

  1. Vin

    yes that day when one just wants to be “me”

  2. uzma

    ahhh…not sometimes i ALWAYSSSS want to be like that…i think everyone wish to be like that

  3. It’s good to see you alive 🙂

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