The Sort Of Dreams I Have At Night

Girl Sleeping

Today, I am talking about my dreams because my future “Get Your Physical Treatment In Your Dream (Experimental Idea)” blog depends on it. In that blog, I will be laying an entire Mind Power Experiment based on a dream I had.

Here goes….

You see most people would see things they have already seen or have in their memory. Well, of course I am those people. What did you think, Em a psycho? 😛

Anyho. Apart from having these “normal” dreams, I once in a while get strange dreams. Dreams that show me a path, sometimes future, answer my questions and sometimes they give me ideas.



I recently started my shopping for my wedding (lalalala, there I said it MY wedding) and as our tradition goes, the bride gets to buy whatever the hell she wants to buy. As a fashion freak, I always design my own dresses, and for my very own wedding, I am going head over heels. So 15 days back I got a dress dream. I saw this very gorgeous dress that I have never ever seen before. A blue floral print dress with 3 blue ribbons on both sides.

When I woke up, I knew that’s the dresses I want to make.

3 days back, again a dress that took my breath away. It was worn by a Princess sort of. A soft golden net shirt, over a golden satin and it had the most beautiful look.

Again, when I woke up, I knew I just got to have that dress made.

You know why I think my dream is different than others? Because in my dream, I closely observed the dress. I was saying to myself, ok you better look carefully if you have to make it. Look at the fabric. See there is no cut on the sides. Its an A line shirt. No slits.

Exhibit B : The Whats Going To Happen Dreams.

I saw a dream that my newborn nephew took his first turn on bed. The next day, my mom told me that my nephew fell from bed coz he took his first turn.

Exhibit C : The Clear Signs Dreams

For a very long time (3 years), I have had dreams of saving one little child. The dream situation would change constantly. Like it could be a fire, a flood, an earthquake or anything and I would disregard my own safety to safe that child (either a girl or boy). These dreams started coming more when my sister-in-law was expecting.

The child in my dream was my nephew. His life was to be saved.

3 years after his birth, I saw the dream again. This time, two children. And guess what. I was going to have another nephew.

I don’t mean to exaggerate even the least. But my dreams have been more specific and real than other normal dreams I have. The dreams I have shared are just a few examples. I have once even dreamed of a hand written paper by my friend’s late father who I have never met or seen. I have never seen his handwriting. But in my dream I saw a paper, it was written by his father.

When I woke up, I asked him to show me any paper of his writing. The hand writing was a match.

But I still do not know what that dream was telling me to do or what they wanted me to do. They should have been more specific, perhaps like an email with a line saying “your mission, should you choose.” LOL.


That’s why I take my dreams seriously.

This recent dream, the entire concept in that dream and the idea itself, is something I could have never EVER imagined while I was awake.. I do not even know if there are people who have already discovered it or tried to do it. As far as my knowledge, I never read or heard about it.

BUT, if this could work, if this was just possible, it would open doors to a whole new level of Mind Power.

Stay tuned and until then and for the rest of your awesome life, STAY POSITIVE 🙂


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