My Mom Is…. Well You Probably Should Read This

Funny Mother Meme

My mom is a lecturer.

You would think she is a lecturer in some university holding a professor degree but what’s a professor’s lecture compared to the lectures my mom gives me, almost everyday.

Tell you the truth, at least your professor’s lectures are way better than my mom’s lecture because at least you do have a rough idea what the lecture is about and when it is going to end but my moom’s lecture? Boi oh boi, you never know what the lecture is all about and it is like EVER GOIIIINNNNGGGG……..

So, yeah my mom is a lecturer.

My mom is a food researcher.

You would think she is hired by huge food companies that pay you to experiment with different flavors and come up with the best new combination but my mom is an at home food researcher.

Everyday she gets a new idea of combining food items never dared to be combined before. She gets bizarre ideas of making things never dared to be cooked before. And whether or not that food turns good, we all have to, not just taste it, but finish every little piece from our plate and appreciate it.

So, yeah my mom is a food researcher.

My mom is a preacher.

You would think she is a preacher at religious institutes but then again what is a preacher who preaches just for a few hours and then isn’t there to check whether you are following to the preaches.

Long nails – Summon # 231 : You are letting the devils sit inside your nails
Eating without the prayer – Summon # 564 : You are a thankless creature.
Leaving the house without prayer – You have to hear the summon on the entire journey. Better put away my iPod.
Jeans too tight – God hates you. He hates you so bad right now.
Long hours on laptop – Have another lecture on “The Sin Of Wasting Time”

So, yeah my mom is a preacher.

Heyyyyy mom. I didn’t know you were reading this. Just kidding maa 🙂

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3 thoughts on “My Mom Is…. Well You Probably Should Read This

  1. Your Mom sounds as though she really loves you 😀

    I’d love to meet her.

  2. Your mom sounds a sweet person, now who wouldn’t a mom like that…this is exactly what moms are made of… 🙂

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