Make Your Own Mind Power Song

Mind Power And Music

Hello insanely sane breathing creatures of this shared planet.

Writing up mind power tricks and techniques for a long while now and practicing it as much as I can, I have discovered a new method of harnessing the mind power.

Now before I begin, I would like to remind you that my mantra/affirmation phrase has always been “Everyday in everyday I am getting better,better and better.” I loved this affirmation suggested by Laura Silva and since then I have been saying this. Whenever I got a negative thought, I would say this affirmation.

Remember this affirmation. It is going to be the key of what I am going to say ahead.

Have you seen the movie “Frozen?” I am sure you must have heard the song Let It Go. It’s like everywhere. And I am a cartoon movie freak. I love animations. After I watched that movie, this song got stuck in my head. It kept going on and on and on in my head. And then somehow, my affirmation took the exact tune of this song.

Where it says “let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore.”

I started singing in my head “Everyday in everyday I am getting better and better.” Then I took the whole lyrics of the song and changed the lyrics to the wording of my like. The song now turned into my BEAUTY SONG. I started humming this song most of the time.

Like that song from Tangled that healed anyone when it was sung, this was my very own song that gave me beauty when I sung it.

PRETTY STUPID, that’s what you are thinking, right. Well, the pretty stupid has worked for me and here is what happened recently.

Exhibit A :

Remember the Rapunzel theme?

After I put that theme everywhere around me, and I started singing my beauty song, I got complimented several times that my hair looked awesome and are so long. ( My hair are classic length at the moment.)

My happiness that time was beyond measure.

I am in love with my hair because they’ve become so beautiful and I can’t keep my eyes off them. My fiance loves them so much that he’s told me not to leave them open in front of him because it gives him goosebumps (or something like that, I guess it’s suppose to be romantic but I made it look otherwise).

Exhibit B :

Since I have started singing this song, I have been complimented at the most random and strangest times by people I would never imagine to be complimented from.

Kids don’t lie right? And I cannot even recall how many times little kids have told me that I am very beautiful and that they adore me.

Exhibit C :

Men don’t usually compliment women because they do not know how to or when to or just don’t feel the need.. My dad being one of those men. Few days back, we sent him some images of our Eid event with all my cousins only to hear him reply back that I looked most beautiful.

That sort of a compliment, is RARE. It’s like Halley’s Comet.

Exhibit D :

My friend recently asked me what I have been using on my face as I am getting fairer and fairer everyday.

These things, these comments, these instances are very small. But once your mind power tricks start rolling, everything around you will give you clear signals that your mind power is activated. 

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25 thoughts on “Make Your Own Mind Power Song

  1. abc

    Hey! I just came across your blog while looking for something that was pretty important to me at the moment but a few minutes into your blog i forgot all about it n now I’m hooked 😀 lol you’re really interesting and alot like me except alot more confident and bold and awesome i mean i’m not the kind of person to pour praises on ppl but it’s like 2 pm and i’m just mumbling on whatever i feel like, n the truth is i’m really inspired by your blog. I’m a girl who’s life’s currently in a process of falling apart n since i (astonishingly) found so many similarities between u n me i thought i might stand a chance of being better too, i know i sound crazy and this comment is getting inapropriately long but just know that you’re awesome 🙂 keep up the good things! And just to measure my chances abit more, how old are you?

    • Hey (abc? I am sure your parents named you much better than that lol)

      You don’t sound crazy because that’s the sort of crazy I am myself and that’s the exact crazy I have been receiving in comments. So you are good. I am glad you found my blogs at the right time and that they have inspired you to a better life. I don’t fake promise but I can promise you that once you decide on living a better life, you will be amazed and shocked and surprised and what not with the results that you will start seeing within a couple of days.

      It’s been like 3 years plus since I started practicing mind power and believe it or not, I still get shocked when I see results of my mind power within a few hours. It’s like a damn genie up in my head.

      I am living a life at the moment that is way better than what I could even dream of. And to think there was a time when I almost gave up on life.

      But if I have done it, sure others can do it too and I am here to help everyone to at least give themselves a chance to live better. Think better, live better. It works. It works miracles.

      And you said your comment was lengthy? BOOO YOU haha. I am 26 by the way.

      Keep reading and let those awesome comments come in. I am here to help, if you need me.

  2. abc

    yay you replied! and i hope you weren’t just being nice when you said you’re here to help, cause I need some serious help -_- see I’m completely utterly demotivated at this point in life and it’s not the first time I’ve heard of (and am captivated by) mind power and its absolutely not the first time I’m going to give it a try and so I can’t really be 100 percent sure it’ll work for me and I have no persistence whatsoever. so it better have quick results or i’ll lose my mind and all hope 😦 thank you loads for providing me with inspiration in the form of this whole blog and the best thing is, you’re from my own country! so i can relate to you more, its amazing 🙂 i’d really really appreciate it if there is some way to contact you other than in public. and you’re 26! yay you’re older than me, i know it’s weird but i found that fact comforting :/ is that okay? and haha abc was silly i know, i just wish to remain anonymous 😀

    • Well I was being nice but not just nice and I am here to help in whatever ways I can. I would actually recommend that you ask public queries through comments so that other’s who can relate may find help through them but for any personal queries that you are not comfortable with posting here, you can contact me through my email ( I don’t bite so you are safe lol).

      It’s not weird I guess. Anyway, if that comforts you, I can be 32 if you want lol.

  3. Irfan

    Hey Aisha,

    It’s been a long time, just wanted drop a message to you and that is……


    InshaAllah have a lovely bday, full of smiles, joy and loads of chocolate!

    Speak Soon


  4. Mira

    hi!! this seems really cool 😀 could you use mind power to grow missing teeth (that you weren’t born with?) **fingers crossed!!**

    • Why not. And in fact, just yesterday I have got this amazing Mind Power idea for physical treatments and I was like man I have got to try this out and write it down for others to try too. I will make a blog soon….Just need to find that “lovely” time when I can peacefully write.

      • Mira

        Whoa!!!! Really?!?! This is so cool I’ve been living in misery because of my missing teeth, and to just think about them growing makes me happy beyond words. How do you think i should go about it? should i tell myself my missing teeth are growing? hmm! I can’t wait for your blog post too! I hope you find that lovely time to peacefully write soon!! 😀 ❤

        • Mira, have you read all my previous blogs on Mind Power?

          • Mira

            Yes! and I remember one blog in particular where you mentioned that if you want something, you have to think it right so your subconscious mind can give it to you in the way that you really want it to.

            • Yes. I just wanted to point this out. I have said this many times in my blogs that the universe has it’s own way of giving you what you want. If you wish for an apple, it’s not going to fall from the sky and magically land in your hand. But you may have a neighbor who gives a dozen because they have plenty at home or may be a friend will offer his share apple.

              How you get it, is the work of the universe. It will just make sure that you get what you have asked for.

              So you get my point?

              • elliecutte

                I understand! Thank you so much Aisha 😀 I’ll share my progress soon!

                • I used to have extremely crooked teeth. 4 vampire like teeth that I never dared laugh. I used to push my lips close and smile for the camera. Then 2 years back I started meditating and started giving myself affirmations. I used to repeat my affirmations saying I have a perfect set of teeth and I have a perfect smile.

                  Today, As I write this comment to you, I am so happy to tell you that I have both.

                  Universe worked it way. Magic happened. It took time. But it happened. And how it happened is not my concern. All I know is, I got what I asked for.

                  • Mira

                    That’s amazing!! Thank you for sharing your story with me, Aisha. This really gives me hope. I keep questioning as to “how” the universe will actually do it, but what I really should be doing is mediating and affirmations instead of doubting. Thank you 🙂

                    • Oh you will be so amazed at “how” the universe works when it gets determined on giving you something. I have been amazed a multiple times and I still keep getting amazed when something that I want just comes to me within half hour. That’s how quick the universe can work 🙂

              • elliecutte

                I completely understand, However I am a little confused as to how I can ask the universe to grow my teeth Aisha. How does one ask the universe of such a thing? 😦

                • Just ask…. Visualize…

                  I do not know how exactly your teeth look at the moment. If there is a gap, just visualize your teeth as complete. That gap is not there. Its full. You have a perfect set of teeth. The most beautiful set of teeth which makes your smile the most beautiful smile ever.

                  • Mira

                    I wish I could show you how they look like, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing it online so other people could see (I would die!) but I will do exactly as you advise me, thank you so much Aisha 🙂

  5. Anand Kottai

    Hi Aisha, what kind of books you were reading whilst pursuing degree related to mind power… you rocks

    • Hi Anand.

      I will gladly tell you that I do not hold any degree related to Mind Power. However I did attend a 3 day class for mind power if that counts. I have been practicing mind power for the past 7 years or so I think which has given me much experience and knowledge.

      As far as books are concerned, yup I read books over books on mind power. Not all books that I read were specifically on mind power. I read books on Lucid Dreaming, on Hypnotizing and on Law of Attraction. After having read these books, I found a deep connection of everything being related to eachother.

      I also have done Jose Silva online course.

      My favorite books were Jose Silva.

  6. NG

    Stop writing ‘share or die’…

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