So What’s With The Rapunzel Theme?

Yesterday, for God knows which many time, I watched Tangled again. Then  I watched it again. And today, I plan to watch it again. My laptop wallpaper has been changed into the moment when Flynn Rider kisses Rapunzel on the boat. My mobile wallpaper has been changed to the moment when Flynn Rider and Rapunzel are holding the flying lanterns. My Whatsapp profile pic is Rapunzel looking at Flynn Rider when he tells her about his story of becoming Flynn Rider.

Today, I also changed the theme of my ScrapYard to Rapunzel.

Is this an addiction with the movie. No. Yes. May Be.

Is this an addiction, passion, obsession for Flynn Rider. Yes. May Be.

Has this got to do anything with MIND POWER? Definitely yes.

You see, I love Rapunzel’s hair. Not when they tail tag her on the floor but I love her hair when they were tied in a braid and decorated with flowers.


Oh they are so gorgeous. They are healthy and thick and shiny and so damn long. It’s freaking hard not to want to wish having such beautiful hair and then the light bulb lit over my head. Who said you can’t wish and who the bloody hell said you can’t have such hair.

I can have whatever I want and if these beautiful locks are what I want, I will have them. Oh yes I will.

I am not much worried about the length. I already have 30 inch long hair. I want that sexy thickness. And if I have to hold a frying pan for that, boy I sure will. Lol.

Now, this may seem like impossible because that’s fake. It’s cartoon for God sake…. Aisha has gone mad. But I am aiming for the moon and you know what they say about aiming for the moon. Even if you fail (or fall, whatever that is…I am sure you will get the point) you end up with the stars. So I am aiming for hair that are thick and gorgeous and shiny and long and absolutely SEXY. 

The more I see these images, the more I will be able to imagine these hair and that’s how I reinforce myself for things I want, physically.

It’s like putting a seed in the ground then watering it daily and making sure it gets enough sunlight. The seed is your thought. Water is daily visualization and sunlight is believing. Once you have the thought buried inside your mind, keep visualizing and keep believing that your thought is growing into reality.

Good luck folks.

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7 thoughts on “So What’s With The Rapunzel Theme?

  1. hafsamujeebgorayah27

    Aww. Cute. I love her too. And even I had her pictures as my fb profile and cover photos when I watched it for the first time. Hehe. So you mean you see her all the time and believe that you have such hair? And when you’re not seeing any picture the picture us already in your mind and you visualize that you have such hair? Seems like you’re quite good at this. But I can’t make myself believe. Sad. :((

    • Yes that is exactly what I do. Can’t is a very harsh term to use. If you can’t believe in something, it won’t exist for you.

  2. I love Tangled, it’s so adorable cute movie. I can watch it over and over again!

  3. Aww, i love her too. She’s so pretty (although a cartoon)
    Heheh! You mean you look at her pictures and make yourself believe that you have such hair. Wow.
    It’s really cool. I wish if i could be this good in the believing part. :/
    #sadlyf :p

    • Believe is the key to everything. I am not much of a Fairytale fan but one thing I learned from all Fairytales is that they all BELIEVED in something.

  4. Amina

    i believed….keep it up. 🙂

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