WTF Aisha? Why Don’t You Write Like You Used To?

Crazy Writer Screaming

Writer’s block? Nah…. I definitely don’t have any writer’s block yet I am not writing.

So the reason may either be that I am just too lazy (if working my ass out on household errands doesn’t count) or I don’t have time (if being on YouTube for 3 hours and watching JustForLaughGags doesn’t count).

Yeah so you pretty much get the picture.


Before you start questioning my existence as a writer, Please be sure that I do have a genuine reason which I have found recently and which has shocked me and which seems like a really stuck in the ass sort of reason.

Here I am writing the reason down. Why? Because my billion subscribers are really desperate to know (I wish) but mainly because if you are a writing, something on your conscious gets cleared only if you write it down. So no matter how many times I admit the reason to myself, my conscious is like “oh yeah bitch, you degrade your profession as a content writer in front of everyone and apologize in private….dafuk.” 

Alright, coming back to the reason for not having written in so long. In my previous blogs, I did mention that there are many incomplete blogs in my drafts…. Just checked and there are about 40 drafts. Yup I have 40 incomplete, half written or left barren blogs in my drafts and I don’t know why but these drafts demotivated me.

I was like, well you already have 40 drafts that you never published, why write another one. It will go in drafts too. You are never gonna publish it anyway. Why don’t you publish those 40 blogs first. They are all good material. Why new blog? Go on, complete the ones in drafts.

So, I just obligated myself to publishing those 40 drafts first before I making a new blog and by this time I had lost my interest in those blogs, THUS leaving me to the state I am in now.

Good news is, I am just going to leave those drafts alone. If I feel like writing them, I will complete them, If I want to delete, I will trash them and if I want to keep them, I will let them be in my drafts for as long as they want.

I am only hoping that my writing humor hasn’t rusted because there will be blogs on Aisha’s Scrapyard because honestly, who doesn’t love scrapyard…Ask men with cars, they know 🙂

Also make sure you comment because I own a gun ( I am a Pakistani so that’s proof enough) and I will find you ( technology these days can be pretty much shocking) so as a safety precaution, do comment and add some life to your life.

Toodles earthlings…

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7 thoughts on “WTF Aisha? Why Don’t You Write Like You Used To?

  1. Moiz Sheikh

    What kind of gun do you own? :innocent:

    • If you really must know, its a SpringField Emp 9mm… It fits my tiny hands perfectly and the grip is really great, Plus you can’t resist how cute it looks.

      • Moiz Sheikh

        hmm.. i thought its a water gun LOL 😛

        • OMG NO WAY… You think I am so cruel, mean and violent to have a water gun…Gosh no. That’s so wrong on so many levels. I would never use such a dangerous weapon upon someone. God forbid I ever do that….

  2. uzma

    good solution..whats incomplete let it be…coz u r a very natural writer…what u feel to write n to share u just do it..ur blogs are what u naturally feel not something artificial effortfull just go with the flow:)

    • Touche my friend. Stick around…There are some good topics coming up. One is already aired yesterday or yesternight…

  3. Procrastination?

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