Hi Everyone… 

It’s been a while since I wrote. I was being too lazy. But today… I feel like if I don’t speak out, my heart will stop inside my chest with the guilt of silently letting all that is happening pass through my eyes. 

Have you seen pictures of Gaza? Have you seen those pictures with little kids lying around covered with blood. Have you seen the picture of a dad holding his 2-3 year old son whose head is half blown away? Have you seen the picture of a mother bidding farewell to her 2 year old daughter? Have you seen a dad looking at his 3 kids aged 1 to 5 lying on the floor, DEAD? 


2129 martyrs in gaza holocaust

I do not want to share those images here. I simply can’t do that. I do not have the heart nor the strength to see them again. 

If you haven’t, Take some time of your whatever busy life and look at them.

If tears don’t roll down your cheeks, I will never speak of it again. 

I have cried… My hands have been raised in prayer for everyone who has suffered in Gaza. And my heart, Well I can’t even write down in words how much it hurts me. 

I can’t even imagine the pain, the pain of seeing your half blown away child right in front of you. The pain of holding your burnt child. The pain of seeing the blood of your angel child. 

Oh God, their heart must have ripped off from their chest.

What did these innocent kids do? WERE THESE KIDS THE TERRORISTS? These kids were a threat to you? 



WHY is no one stopping them? Why isn’t anyone interfering. Those in power, those who have the power to change, why are they sitting quietly? 

Please people speak up. This is injustice.

Those parents didn’t deserve to bury their children covered in blood. Those children didn’t deserve to die that way. Those people didn’t deserve to see their loved ones die a painful death. Those mothers didn’t deserve to see their children lifeless. Those little kids didn’t deserve to see their parents die. 


Please speak up. Speak against this injustice. SPEAK and PRAY. 

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  1. Duaa

    Im glad that youve finally written something, and written against injustice. I agree with you whole heartedly. Our weapons against injustice are duas and prayers for the oppressed and ofcoarse raising awareness which you have just done!
    May God bless your for speaking out
    Keep writing!

  2. Butcherooni

    The world has gone mad 😐

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