12 Days – No Poo Experience & Experiments.


Ae oo ladies. Once again we are on a no poo conversation. Few days back I told you how a bad haircut led me into going no poo, finally.

I proudly tell you girls, I am loving the no poo experience. And for those who have been going no poo and have had to go through the 1 month to 3 months transition phase of being a greasy, grossy and dirty ball of hair (did that sound ridiculously dirty?), well, I feel sorry for you because with my no poo method, I DIDN’T HAVE THE TRANSITION PHASE AT ALL.

Yes, I am not kidding. For the past one week, I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner at all and I haven’t had a day when I wanted to tie my hair into a bun.

The proof?

In this past one week, I have had dinner parties, all of which included my in-laws. If you are a Pakistani girl, you will definitely understand how important it becomes for you to look like a beauty queen with flawless EVERYTHING because, let’s admit, you are someone’s fiancée, you are someone’s soon-to-be daughter-in-law and you are the pride of someone’s house…so my point?

My point is, after your engagement, you are on the spot light where ever you go. Seriously, if you were hospitalized for a 3 second heart failure and you risk going paralysed, you would still be worried if you are LOOKING PRETTY for when your in-laws come to meet you.

YES I EXAGGERATED THAT TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL. I have broken my own record of exaggeration. Thank you thank you thank you. (<—— Self praise 😉 )

**Slaps back to come to the point**

**Rubs her red swollen cheek**

**Comes back to the point**

So, all these parties with my in-laws, my hair looked so great that I kept them open. I have got praised for having lovely hair and the so ugly haircut, well it turns out I can pull it off. IN YOUR FACE BAD HAIRCUT.

My hair is clean, shiny and look really good from day one of no poo. Here is my one week experience for those who would love to read about it, others can just make a comment without bothering to read the rest, though that would hurt me (do you really want to hurt me? Seriously, don’t you people have a conscious? Will you be able to sleep at night?)


Basis of experiment : Soap Nuts & Fenugreek.

Day 1 : Make a mixture of Soap Nuts & Fenugreek soaked overnight. Apply on the scalp an hour before bath. Rinse well.

Result : Clean hair. Fenugreek seeds are very hard to get off the hair in shower. No matter how much you grind them. So I would just rinse them off my scalp and as my hair dried, I would comb them off.

No residue after combing.


I followed this pattern for next three days. My hair weren’t getting tangled at all. I mean one would really feel that the hair must get tangled after all the rinsing in the shower but mine were just one stroke of brush awesome. They weren’t this great even when I used shampoo.

Day 4 : I had whole fenugreek seeds soaked in coconut hair oil sitting in sunlight for 15 days. So now I wanted to see if my no poo method was going to be a success after I applied coconut hair oil.

I took about 2 tablespoon of coconut oil and applied it on my scalp at night.

In the morning, I followed the same hair routine.

Result : Clean scalp for a while but after an hour, my scalp started showing oil and my hair strands were all oily. I even gave the thought of washing my hair with shampoo but I kept my thought to myself (weird).

Day 5 : Since my hair was oily with the coconut oil. Instead of applying the paste on my scalp for an hour before shower, I took the mixture into my shower and used it like shampoo. Applied and massaged on the scalp. I also took the paste into my palm and rubbed them all the way down the hair tips.

If this wasn’t going to work, I was determined to shampoo my hair.

Result? SUCCESS DAMN IT. The mixture had taken out all night soaked coconut off my hair. I mean that’s the most stubborn oil case that would normally take me 2 times shampoo.

Day 12 : As of today, I have stopped applying the mixture an hour before bath. I did it for about more than a month and its exhausting routine. Now I just take the mixture into the shower, use it like shampoo.

I have to go to a wedding today.

Em I going to shampoo my hair? NO.
Em I going to hide them in a head scarf? NO
Em I going to tie them in a bun at least? NO
Em I going to leave them open? YES YES YES


Next blog, I will tell you guys the exact procedure of going no poo without any transition phase. Stay tuned!!!

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