Dilemma Of Being A Content Writer

So you get a job as a content writer, you can work at home at your own working hours. You don’t have to get up in the morning, take a bath, iron your clothes, dress for work, catch a bus and go to the office….You practically can just get up from your bed and start working (unless of course the nature calls.haha)

Sounds amazing isn’t it?

When I got a job as a content writer at Dubai based company- Global Business Solutions, I was head over heels happy. I even did some crazy dance moves (no not really).

The first few days of my content writing job, I was excited, happy, energetic and full on. It was a dream job (it still is) but after a month, reality stuck its face right up to mine and said “SUCK IT UP AISHA.”

It’s been 2.5 months and let me tell you all, CONTENT WRITING JOB IS HARD… Let me rephrase it. CONTENT WRITING JOB IS EFFING HELL HARD.

Awww you think I am being a cry baby but all those who have done a content writing job will agree to me.


Seriously, how much can you really write about one damn thing? I mean suppose you are marketing a mobile, you can begin writing by its features, then you can write about why you should have it, then you can write about it’s working….THEN WHAT?

Sooner or later you are simply sitting in front of the screen, staring at it blankly while you scratch your head.


Your boss does not care about your personal life and your personal problems.

Now as a wordpress blog writer you all must know how much your personal life and personal problem affects your writing. But when you are hired to be a content writer, your personal life and your writing life are two separate entities. It’s your problem not his. He hired you for writing and writing is what you will do no matter what.

You had a fiery argument with your boyfriend last night and you are very upset about it. YOUR BOSS DOES NOT CARE.

You are having a headache. Well congratulations because YOUR BOSS DOES NOT CARE.

You are suffering from writer’s block. Haha poor you because YOUR BOSS DOES NOT CARE.

You had unexpected guests… YOUR BOSS DEFINITELY DOES NOT CARE.

Basically, unless you are suffering from some illness, disease, met with an accident, broke a bone or lost blood, he will give you those leaves to get well in but you will notice a smirk on his face. That smirk means “go little birdy…have some rest…but when you come back, I will have piles of work for you…MUHUHAHA.”


You will spend an hour looking for what hot topics are going around the web that you should write on. Then you spend the next 3 hours searching, researching and collecting the data for your content. You will literally be jumping from one blog to another reading huge blocks of words and huge blogs that look endless. You keep collecting the information, numbers, figures and percentages that you will require to support your content with authentic data.

Finally you take one hour to prepare a rough draft.

After 5 hours of hard work that has totally scrambled your mind, you take a break and get yourself a cup of coffee.Β That’s when your boss comes in and this is what happens:

Boss: Have you done the article for today?

Content Writer: Ummm, no. But I have all the data I need.

Boss: So no work done today.

Your boss walks off and you are left behind to marinate in shame, laziness and judgmental feelings about yourself and you even begin to think that you really didn’t work at all.


Human? Nah… As time goes by and as you keep giving contents everyday, you soon become a content writing machine.

Your boss will come in and say “Write me an article on Elephant Tusks Being Illegally Exported… This news is going viral.” After 5 minutes, you will find yourself scrolling through animal history and how tusks get exported and the routes they take.

You may be writing an article on why it’s important to add tags in your blogs and your boss will tell you to write an article on how product marketing can be successful. Again, 5 minutes later you find yourself scrolling through millions of blogs finding out the best marketing techniques.

So you see, you are not a human. You are a content writing machine. Your boss simply has to enter the title and a few hours later a paper with the article will come out.


As a writer, you must have spend hours and hours over thinking about a topic and must have written many articles for your clients. At the end of the day, you will be so damn tired that you would probably even hate typing a text message or a whatsapp reply, WHAT DO YOU DO?

You come to wordpress and write a blog on how tired you are and how you do not feel like writing anything because you, my child are a writer. Writing runs in your blood and anything you are feeling so desperately about has to be written down even if it is about how you do not want to write anything.


Having said so, let me find myself another job because I totally forgot my boss can reach this place. LOL!!!

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4 thoughts on “Dilemma Of Being A Content Writer

  1. krhemani

    Good post Aisha! Its always a pleasure to hear about myself when you are the one telling it. Well, your boss does appreciate your ideas, care about you, your work and how loyal you are with us. I try my best to make you better than today you are. And one day you will realize it, hard work pays off! Good luck πŸ™‚

    * can you link “Globus” with the website πŸ˜›

    p.s yes please, start finding another job πŸ˜‰

    • I probably will be writing the next post with “How I Lost An Absolutely Perfect Dream Job.”

      Thank you for your comment and the nice words. And please know that my blogs are always an exaggeration of events for the fun of it. Don’t really fire me πŸ™‚

  2. Haha! This is very very true.

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