Junk Thoughts For Your Mind

Junk Food - Desserts

Here are some quotes, statements or thoughts that have been accumulated in my mind for a few days. So I thought why not share the some junk thoughts with you because let’s face it, we all love junk food over healthy food 🙂

1. “I don’t believe in suicide… I believe in murder… Murder of the reason that is making me think about suicide.”

2. “Never bath naked… You never know when you make a major discovery and have to run out screaming EUREKA EUREKA.”

3. “When your parents don’t give you permission for a certain thing, meet your grandparents and slowly make them talk about your parent’s childhood. You will find enough basis and reasons to get permission. You might get grounded as well. So be careful.”

4. “It’s no good being good and it ain’t bad being bad.”

5. “When you are bad to people, they are good to you. The moment you become good to them, they turn bad… Disbelievingly true.”

6. “People can’t find love because love has always been there with them all along. They just don’t see it.”

7. “When you are good, everyone hates you for being liked by so many people. When you are bad, everyone hates you obviously. So in the end, you are being hated.”

8. “If only the man who let the dogs out knew what would happen after he did so, he would have never let those dogs out. He regrets it now and is in rehab for being severely guilty.”

9. “Why do people wait for the lights to go off so they can sleep when the light will go off the moment they close their eyes.”

10. “They call me crazy. But that’s what they called Wright Brothers, Einstein, Graham Bell & all other successful people they admire now. So I must be really close to success.”

11. “I decided to commit suicide by taking pills. Then I remembered I didn’t have my dinner and doctors always advice that you should never take pills on empty stomach. So I disregarded the idea.”

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One thought on “Junk Thoughts For Your Mind

  1. uzma

    just LOVE the 4th one..awesome…

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