Let’s Learn The F Word & Teach It To Our Kids.

Chef Gorden Ramsay's F Word

The F word.

You ask me why. But I ask you, why not?

I know it may seem very hard in the beginning but trust me, once you have used this word when you are angry, you will feel a sudden gush of deep inner peace that nothing in the world can match. This deep inner peace will be so amazing that you will want to experience it over and again.

Such is the power of the F word that anger will never be too long inside you. You will be able to, not just control, but enjoy the pleasant feel of letting go every bit of anger inside you. All with just one F word.

Now you see when you become so fluent with the F word, you will put a direct influence over your kids thus teaching them the powers of their F word. Teach your kids to use the F word and let them have faith in this word.

You may be wondering, what’s got into me that I, so purposely, write about the F word. It’s because I have realized that many people today have given up using the F word and I fear that soon, the F word may become historic.

Use the F word in your life as much as possible whenever you are angry at someone and watch how he melts right in front of you.

If you do not want to take my words for it, would you deny the words of your God as well? Because clearly every religion has guided you towards what I just said.

So people let us all learn to FORGIVE… Whenever you are angry at someone, use the F word and say I FORGIVE YOU.

What did you think dirty little minds? Now read all over again with a clean mind :P.

F Word - Forgiveness

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Learn The F Word & Teach It To Our Kids.

  1. Best!

  2. Vincent

    wow Aisha you write so F… F for Fantastic!

  3. Vincent

    nice way of conveying good messages,
    keep up the good work,
    thanks for writing such stuffs

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