I Need An Inspiration To Write, To Work & TO LIVE

Hey people…

It’s been 2 months and 2 days (yes, I counted) since I published a blog on scrapyard. Does that mean I stopped writing? How about I tell you I have about 40 drafts, some with only titles, some with only images and some with a few paragraphs. Does that explain anything?

It certainly doesn’t make any sense to me, at all.

Why would I have 40 incomplete and unfinished blogs? Why would I start something and not finish it? Why would I even begin writing a new blog when previous is lying half dead.

And you know what, I am uncertain if this current blog is going to find its way to the “Publish” button or will it end up with “save draft.”Β 

You might say, that’s okay if you are taking yourself away from writing for a few months. Why is this b**** making such a drama about not writing. Not like we all are desperately waiting for her golden charming words to fall upon so we may read. Duh such a drama queen.


Have you considered the fact that I AM A WRITER FOR LIVING ( i don’t know if that statement is said correctly…but nevermind, you get the point).

So yeah, I get paid for writing. My job is to write. And people think it’s such a lovely easy job to sit in the house anytime you want, throw in a few bullshit words and voila, you get paid for it.


Anyho, so after 2 months of dead silence in writing, I have realized I am lacking an inspiration. I am lacking an inspiration within my life and when you are a writer and you lose that inspiration in life, you can’t write anymore.

I need an inspiration just like I need oxygen.

I just don’t know where that inspiration is……. 😦

And having said that folks, I congratulate myself for having written a blog that is ready for publishing.

Oh sweet little blue publish button, Mummy is coming to click you .

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7 thoughts on “I Need An Inspiration To Write, To Work & TO LIVE

  1. Went through your blog! You write amazingly well. Why don’t you publish your drafts? At least I can learn how to write from your blog… πŸ™‚

    I am quite an amateur writer… but I feel inspiration is all around us… don’t you?

    • Thank you for the writing compliments. I am a jibberjabber in real life so that’s what comes in writing.

      Yes you are right. Inspiration is all around us but to each, their own, isn’t it? I mean, you could look at the sky and be inspired while I could look at it and find nothing. I am still looking for my inspiration. May be I have lost it somewhere inside me, which is more hard to find.


  2. uzma

    took ur readers as inspiration..all of us who really want to read ur blogs even when its just ” few bullshit words”…stop over thinking and empty the draft box…:)

  3. You wrote something (new?) again.
    I thought you were in hospital or something (you never replied to the email I sent you ages ago).
    and Welcome Back!

    • Thanks and errr **confused**

      What email? I didn’t get any? Where did you send it on? Now don’t start replying it, looks so weird. Email me on gmail.

      Btw, I was ill, if that makes you feel less ignored πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

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