Why I Hate Hospitals

Gloomy Hospital

Should I have named by blog “Why We All Hate Hospitals?” because clearly none of us loves the hospitals…Well yeah unless you are a doctor and your hospital is paying you huge papers then hospitals are your heaven…But to the rest of us, Hospitals are HEWS-PIT-als.

I hate hospitals because hospitals are a place of sadness. You look around everywhere only to find pale skinned people on beds as if the entire blood has been sucked out of their body. Most of the people admitted will be weak and vulnerable as they lay helpless on the bed.

You will also find men, women and children with cuts and wounds and burns and WHAT NOT….

You will see people in pain, in agony, in an unsatisfying comfort.

The only exception to the part of hospitals being a sad place is the MATERNITY WARD where of course new mothers are glowing with shine as they hold their new born babies, as new fathers hold their son/daughter and kiss their wife, as grandparents/friends/family bring in flowers, chocolates, cakes, doughnuts, hot chocolate milk, fudge pastries (***slaps herself out of the world of sweets***).

But then again, if you get to pass through the labor room, you will know it is not that a merry place after all.

If you are in a hospital for your own self, you are not happy because if you are in a hospital, it definitely means SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. For the next few hours as you go through the doctor and the tests, your mind is going through hundreds of possible diseases that you might get diagnosed with. What if the disease is FATAL?

If you are in a hospital to meet someone, that person must be of some value to you. Which again makes you equally “not happy” as you try to suppress your pain on seeing your beloved on a hospital bed with pale skin and sunken eyes. Hundreds of things go through your mind again. God forbid if your beloved has something serious?

The hospitals do try to make you feel good with all the good inspiring humorous quotes on the walls, good floral arrangements, aquariums too and let’s not forget the “EVERYTHING IS FINE SMILES” that the hospital staff puts on when they see you.

The staff of the hospital does try their level best to comfort you. They greet you with a 32 watt smile as wide as the worlds biggest train ever but TO BE REALLY HONEST at that time, their smile pisses you off. You feel like punching their faces. You wonder what they are so happy about? Here you are with a troubled mind thinking what fatal disease you might have and here they are SMILING.


So that’s about it. Now go off. Study something or get back to work. Don’t you have anything better to do than to read something that you already know about. Duh you people really waste your precious time 😛 😛 😛

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4 thoughts on “Why I Hate Hospitals

  1. Going off… Don’t worry…

    *Goes off*
    *Turns around and comes back*

    But YOU are the one to blame for wasting my time…
    First of all you keep a title which says Why ‘I” hate Hospital… So I came looking for additional points on “What to say to parents when they force me to go to the hospital”…
    But you deviated the topic… I did not get any of that but lots of smiles instead… 😛

  2. Butcherooni

    SoooOOoo…been to the hospital lately? 😛

  3. I can mirror your thoughts on hospitals, total ewwww place 😦 If i can remember clearly in the 33 years of existence I have been to a hospital just 2 times, visiting a relative and once being admitted myself. Terror memories. The above picture does look scary tho :p
    Well written 🙂

    • I am glad you have been to hospital just once for your own sake….I hate hospitals to the level that I need to get a couple of tests done to diagnose the cause of my “sudden BP drop” and “falling off unconscious”. Well, it’s been an entire year since I am convincing myself to go to the hospital 🙂 🙂 🙂

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