I Joined Twitter For My Kids… Yes, I Actually Really Did

Angry Twitter Bird - Cursing

Few days back I joined twitter.

Now if you all have been through my blogs, I wrote a blog by the nameSHAME ON YOU AISHA… I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU TODAY!!! where I wrote the shameful truth about me not knowing anything about twitter.

Then I wrote a blog My Dear Grand Children (Feb 05, 2075) which I wrote picturing myself in the year 2075 (if I live that long) and how the world would have been.

After having wrote this blog, A little thought occurred to me. We as youngsters do laugh at our parents because they do not know how to use touch screen phones, they don’t even know what FB or Twitter is and they can hardly understand the socializing sites because it’s too complicated for them.

**well I am sure some of your parents must be pro in this, but most parents really are not.**

Soooooo, I just thought, that is going to be us in a few years time. When we have kids and we get busy in raising them while they are out in the world of technology that is advancing with every second, WE WOULD BE THE OUTDATED PARENTS.

I can only imagine the horror of not knowing which sites my kids are on, what they are doing, how safe are they in the world of internet etc.

No, I won’t let that happen. I don’t want to be the “outdated” mother who knows nothing of the latest gadets or the latest socializing methods. I want to be able to know what my kids are doing, share their interest, give them the freedom, let them socialize, talk to them about it so that they feel open in discussing everything with me.

I would rather have them tell me everything and be okay with it than not know anything at all.

That’s how I want to be connected with my kids.

I do not want to wake up one day to the sentence, “Oh Maa, you just don’t get it,” and then left in the world of darkness & ignorance with regards to what my kids are doing. I want my kids to tell their friends that their Maa knows what they are doing and she is okay with it. Because the only way I can know what they are doing, is understanding….. 🙂

And so, I joined twitter…. I still do not know how it works. I have posted a few tweets or should I just say “I tweeted?”…

Anyway, people common follow me on twitter. Not for me, but for the sake of my kids which I do not have right now, but will have one day InshaAllah. Haha

I think my twitter ID is @aishaz007… So add me before I send my team of assassins to your house ( why am I always such a terrorist :S :S :S)

Tye Tye…

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