Random Facts About Me, Questions & “The Liebster Award”

To begin with, I am becoming worse and worse with basic manners. I mean how busy could I be to just send in a Thank You to Forging Shadows for passing this awesome award to me. But noooooooooooooo. I remain proud, egoist and without manners.

aaaah so now you want to believe every word I say just when I am truly exaggerating bad stuff about myself?

Real mature. Huh.

Forging Shadows, Thank you so very much for this lovely award. I am sorry I couldn’t even stop by and say thank you because lately I am just too busy with so much work (that never seems to reduce). But let me tell you, I was really happy the moment I saw your comment right in my inbox. I felt like wanting to jump out of the water and do this blog, but the sharks in the water had me real bad. Lol

Rules :

1. List eleven random facts about yourself
2. Nominate eleven other bloggers for the Liebster Award
3. Notify these bloggers
4. Ask eleven questions that the bloggers must answer upon accepting the Liebster Award
5. Answer the eleven questions that you were asked when you were nominated.


Eleven *not so* Random Facts About Me…

1. When I take up a job, I like to do it to perfection and in a manner that profits my employer the most even if it puts extra work on me and even if it requires doing things my boss hasn’t asked me to. Like if my boss asks me to do a report on one company and I know doing a report on two competent company would be more helpful, I make the suggestion and ask my boss if he would like to have it. Of course he says YES. It makes me work more but I like to be a full asset.

2. I hate shopping. As much as I hate doing it, most of the times I am the one supposed to do it because of my shopping skills – good choice, quick decisions & knowing what lies where.

3. I love frogs and rabbits and a few days old lambs. If I was not living in an apartment, I would have probably got myself an adorable white little lamb. Would have named it “Snowball” may be.

4. I am allergic to fruits, I think mostly it’s fruits with Vitamin C but I experience dizziness after having a fruit. At least that’s what I claim to be but my family doesn’t believe it. They think it’s just a lame excuse for not eating fruits.

5. When I make a mistake, I do everything in the world to make that mistake look right. LOL 🙂

6. I don’t know how to cut nails once they are too long. I sit with my filer and stare at the nails for a long time trying to make a plan. It goes like this in my mind, “Okay, first let’s chop off the top part a little bit with a nail cutter, no may be just file it. Umm okay I will cut it. Oh damn it, this one is cut too short. Gotta cut the rest again. Okay nail filer. File file file file file aaaaargghhh this one filed too round, have to round the others too.File file file file.”

7. I have a lot of scars on my hand. No I am not suicidal. Just accident prone. So there are many cuts, bruises & burn marks on my hands that I got from various little home accidents.

8. I have the talent of turning the most simple piece of fabric into a very stylish fancy dress.

9. I have a connection with number 314 or any of the combinations of these three digits. Whenever I look at the time, it will be an exact 3:14. The time I receive a certain expected msg or a call would be 3:14. The page I stop reading on will be 314. The number of items in my list would be 314.

10. I need a cup of tea or coffee to begin my day with. I don’t talk until I have had a cup of either.

11. I love writing 11 random facts about myself. 🙂

Eleven Questions for me : 

1. What pet would you own if you could own any pet in the world?

A frog or a little lamb.

2. What was the book/piece that inspired you to start writing?

It was actually a piece of homework in grade 4 or 5. We were supposed to write a poem. I had done mind but my friend was struggling for hours to write her poem, and I wrote for her within 5 minutes. That made me realize, I needed to write.

3. Which published author do you think is most underrated?

To answer this, I must be a consistent reader. But my usual reads are different books from different authors on topics such as Mind, Power of Thoughts, Lucid Dreaming, OBE. So, can’t answer this one.

4. What’s your favorite hobby (aside from reading/writing)?

Plugging the earphone, putting my favorite music on and looking into the open sky. The view from my balcony is pretty amazing with the mountains at the back, an open sky and the sun setting behind the mountains.

5. What’s your superpower? Would you use it for good or for evil?

As a matter of fact I do have superpower. I don’t know how to explain it. But it’s weird. Like things always fall in place exactly like I say. Well, it works mostly when I am evil 😦 but not that I intentionally want to use it for bad.

6. Do you prefer the country or the city?


7. A man you have never seen before walks up to you, gets down on one knee, and asks you to marry him. What do you do?

Do you have a black Porsche 911? Can you afford weekly dinners at fancy restaurants? Are you going to propose me with just words or have you got a diamond ring, the size of a cherry. If yes, I am a yes. Otherwise, hoot off.

8. What’s the coolest reason that you ever skipped school?

I had to go to the embassy for my visa documentation. I didn’t have any documentation to do and I never went to the embassy.

9. What has been your most disappointing experience in the world of writing so far?

The state when words are not enough to describe what you are feeling and no matter what words you use, they do not do justice.

10. What has been your most inspiring experience in the world of writing so far?

I wrote a couple of blogs on real Muslim culture and how people have misunderstood us. The response I got was very pleasant and that made me realize that there is still good in this world.

11. What is your favorite dessert?

Anything with sugar 🙂 . But to be precise, Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake and Black Forest Cake.

Eleven Questions To The Nominated Bloggers :

  1. Stranded on an island, would you eat raw worms, roaches and spiders in order to survive or prefer dying with hunger? (Yes I have been watching Bear Grylls. You can’t blame me.)
  2. Are you a fan of Sushi? ( I don’t know where this question came from.)
  3. Name one of your blogs that you are proud of and consider it as one of your best writes.
  4. What’s your biggest nightmare or fear?
  5. Have you seen the movie “2012”? So you have two tickets for the ship that can save your life. Who would you take?
  6. Do you beat the hell out of your remote when it stops working? (haha, I know I ask crazy questions.)
  7. One thing you would like to change about people and why.
  8. A person whose talks choke you to death is talking to you for over half hour. Will you tell him straight to go away, make an excuse and run for life or risk your life and stay?
  9. Do you enjoy try out new food combinations? Such as a chilli with chocolate sauce or nachos with ice cream.
  10. What has been your most embarrassing experience in life so far?
  11. Ask yourself a question and answer it. (Haha… See this is like a bonus for you. lol).

Nominated Bloggers:

  1. Muslim In Girl Trouble : This guy’s blogs have become my recent favorite reads. As humble as he tries to remain in his blogs, writing about his daily adventures, it just makes you want to read more. He is funny and he sure is in trouble.
  2. MindBlur : She is an amazing writer who writes about things about everyday stuff but the very stuff we neglect everyday. I hope she wasn’t awarded by forgingshadows as well (too lazy to check). Coz then she’s gonna get mad for having to go through answering and nominating once again. Haha
  3.  Crossedatom | Lovey | Akshat : Writes some pretty deep heart stuff.
  4. Shaunanagins : A vivid and humorous take on life as it happens.
  5.  You Are What You Eat : Except the bit you excrete. Haha you can only imagine the humor in the blogs with such a wise caption.
  6.  Through the Magic Door : Relive the magical life of your childhood and bring back inspiration.
  7. Thoughts Of A Restless Mind : A soldier with a romantic heart. You know what the blogs will be like.

Well these are the 7 I will be nominating for now.

Tata, Bye Bye, Sayonara, Ma’as salam, Au Revoir….. *slaps herself to stop* *ouch that hurts*

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2 thoughts on “Random Facts About Me, Questions & “The Liebster Award”

  1. Butcherooni

    Why thanks very much! I’ll get to this as soon as I am able, I’ve been nominated once before but..yeah, I will definitely get to it 😛 Just so you know I will be nominating you too, not as a revengeful act but it was already decided. U’ll only have to answer the questions 😛

    • Aaaaaah karma is such a bitch….

      Well, since I will only have to answer the questions, no biggie 🙂

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