Job Vacancies : Should Experience Be A Criteria?

Woman In Interview With No Experience

Why I write this blog?

Because I wish to. Who you to ask me why I write this blog. Nooooo really. You come to my blog page and you ask me why I write this blog. How dare you.

Jusssss kidding.

I have subscribed to Job Portal website so I receive job vacancies everyday. Not that I need one at the moment, because I would have to be an octopus to take in another job with 4 jobs already in hand. But it makes me feel bad for unemployed people who will not have a chance in such competent vacancies.

What I have realized is that most companies ask for a minimum 1 year experience in the field. 

To this I agree and disagree. 

I agree where experience is CRITICALLY NEEDED. Doctors, architects, electricians, head chefs, billboard makers etc. You can’t risk yourself to hiring an amateur for such work.

I disagree where experience is NOT NEEDED. Waiters, writers, assistants, photo editors, cooks etc. You can hire an inexperienced person because it is not a life and death risk.

So where my disagreement stands, I say it is very wrong that companies prefer hiring experienced people even when the work is too low profile and a little training would make the inexperienced person work well. Yes, it will be time-consuming in the start, but it is all worth the time put in. Consider it as an investment.

I am not saying you hire an artist to cook for you or a cook to edit your images. You can hire an inexperienced cook with a degree in cooking, let him work in your restaurant and correct his mistakes when he makes one. BUT DAMN IT, GIVE HIM A CHANCE. 

Question is, Why do companies not want to hire inexperienced people. 

I say LAZINESS but more than that, INEFFICIENCY. You, as a company is inefficient if you cannot train a person effectively to do the work for which he or she has taken an educational degree in. You, have no resources and you have no talent that can train in a new person. So you are inefficient and you are lazy. 

If you are not going to give a chance to a new person HOW THE HELL IS HE EVER GOING TO GET THE EXPERIENCE. Seriously, are you that dumb?

Do you remember that time when you were a fresh graduate, no experience and someone hired you, trained you and gave you insight into the new world. Today you sit in a position where you run a huge company and hire people.

So your success my dear company owner, is not your hard work. You are someone else’s hard work employed in you. You are someone’s time that they put into you. You are someone’s risk that they took for you. You are someone’s believe that they had in you.


My message to all the employers out there in this world, GET A LIFE. Give people a chance. Take risk. Train people. And you will be amazed how efficiently your inexperienced people will work for you because they are new, fresh and learning. They will put their heart and soul into the work.


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4 thoughts on “Job Vacancies : Should Experience Be A Criteria?

  1. uzma

    exactly!!! every one rejects the fresh masters or job seekers by saying u dont have experience…from where the hell experience will come…give us a chance to get a experience…stupid world…lol

  2. recently gave an interview that lady was demanding me to be a 25 years experienced rustic old lady, n u know what I did, yes asked few of questions you have just added above but in a very harsh tone n left the room 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on theextraaamile and commented:
    A message to Enployers

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