Contest # 3 : Forbidden – RESULTS !!!

Hello awesome writers and contestants of Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 3 : FORBIDDEN

Please accept my apology for being so late in declaring the result. No really please accept it because this is the most humble I am ever going to be, after that, ema just gonna say “SO WHAT….I  WAS BUSY…. MAY BE I WAS LAZY… SOOO WHAT!!!”.


So when I say accept my apology, appreciate the sweet humble girl inside me and just accept it 😛

Anyway, the reason I got delayed with announcing the results was because I wanted to go through every entry and give out my detailed opinion about each entry along with the results.

I just got 3 entries this time. But these 3 entries were worth this contest put up for. Each was so unique and amazing.

Here are the final results of Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 3 : FORBIDDEN


WINNER : Forbidden by forgingshadows

Congratulations forgingshadows. You did an amazing work.

This one took me into the image like I was living in it. As I kept reading the story and kept looking into the image to find those details in the image, I felt myself inside the image and soon I was close to that image that I could feel that girl, her breath and her emotions all in a small compact room.

Would I be lying if I said I did become too emotionally sad while reading it? No I wouldn’t be because the entire story was so beautifully written from a little girl’s point of view.

Needless to say, I loved it. I loved the story that made a dead image go alive and I loved the fact that the words detailed out the image very beautifully.


As for my honorable mentions which are two of my other contestants, Congratulations to you as well because you both did amazing in the contest.

Banished from Heaven by 

If I was to quote my favorite line from the entire poetry, trust me I would just copy paste the entire poetry here because every line is beautifully written.

Damn, you guys are really talented.

What I like most about the entire poetry is that it gives me the present scenario it makes me question myself about the past. Your poem starts with saintly Rosalinda giving us a picture of her purity and in the end, she was forbidden from heaven and doomed into hell where she now serves the beast.

It makes me wonder what did Rosalinda do. Even when she is in hell and serving the beast, she is still obedient and following orders. Then what had had she done to end up here.

Aaaah I really hate you for giving me something that is driving me crazy 😦


Forbidden me by Girl In Veil

Again, I was taken back with a beautiful concept of this amazing poem. The feeling of being a grownup and to act and behave like one when inside, deep down inside, we all want to laugh at soap bubbles, run insanely around the house and enjoy the sense of freedom from all the worries.

Being confined in an adult body, it’s like a child’s soul imprisoned in an adult body and the child is now expected to live by the rules, worry about life and behave like an adult.

My favorite part of the poem of the recurrence of “Me” in different form again and again makes you think that everything around related to childhood is still a part of who we were…who we still are, yet forbidden.

Amazing poem.


People, the theme of the next contest is already set. And you are going to love it. It wont be anything near love and relationships…Here is a hint : I love halloween 🙂

But there is going to be a long while for that contest to come up because I need to find a handle to my time 😦

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3 thoughts on “Contest # 3 : Forbidden – RESULTS !!!

  1. forgingshadows

    Thank YOU for the contest! I thought each of those pictures was amazing in its own right, and great material for a story. Thank you also for the shout out and the kind words about my story. I hope you post another contest soon so I can get some great inspiration!

  2. Thank you for the feature! I loved all the pictures, and I really enjoyed reading each entry! Can’t wait for your next contest!

  3. thanx for the praising words Ash, And waiting eagerly for the next one:-)

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