Dear Orthodontist,

Dear Orthodontist,

This is with regards to my appointments with you every 15 to 20 days, not to mention the visits I make in between those 15 to 20 days because some or the other thing is troubling me.

First, I don’t know why it becomes so important for you to talk to me about how I have been and what I am doing or how my wired life is exactly when my mouth is wide open and you are literally inside my mouth with all your instruments.

You can either do the conversation before shoving your tools into my mouth or after you are done, but I do not simply understand why the conversation has to be exactly while you are working in my mouth.

Second, Yes I know I am a very complicated case and you are probably too happy to get some experience on such major level but I have a nose and a set of eyes on my face as well which you completely forget when you are putting a bracket on my very last tooth or doing something absolutely complicated and difficult.

You just forget that your hands are probably pressing my nose or pulling my eyes.

Third, My mouth is as big as I can open it and my lips are not made of elastic fibers so they are NOT GOING TO stretch wide open when you pull them like elastic bands.

Fourth, If it hurts, there will be an audible shriek. I am strong enough not to scream out loud in pain ( Remember the time you extracted 5 teeth in a single appointment and I didn’t scream) but I will certainly give an audible shriek so that you can minimize your brutal attack.

Lastly, I would appreciate if you make your discussions a little more discreet and quicker. Because each time I visit you, you and your panel starts discussing my case as if I were a case of corruption which might be still easier to tackle. Your technical terms of ortho and what you are going to do next makes me feel worse already.

Your experimental ortho case,

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3 thoughts on “Dear Orthodontist,

  1. uzma

    ash just go for it..print out this blog and distribute the copies when u go to clinic next time…

  2. Oh My God, Aisha, I just couldn’t stop laughing out loud at this one. The lady sitting beside me in the metro is definitely thinking I have gone mad 😀
    Being in this same position right now, i can relate to what you were feeling back in 2013. Well, I have been visiting this orthodontist for a year now and I still don’t understand why he scares me so much. I mean everytime I open my mouth, he is like, open it more please, a little more wider and I am like, are you kidding me? I already have my mouth stretched open all the way to my ears, what the hell you want from me now! And not to mention when something pricks my skin and I am squirming in pain and discomfort, the deadly glance he gives me! Man! Orthodontists seem to be descended straight from Hitler or someone 😀

    • Haha 🙂

      You will get through it. I hated every ortho visit. It was like my legs would get heavier and heavier on my way to ortho but in the end, it is all worth it. You will make it through 🙂

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