How (NOT) To Clean Your Laptop

RIP - In Loving Memory Of Martyred Laptop

Hello folks…

Since you ate a lot of burgers and pizza over your laptop and used the keyboard without bothering to wash your hands, you must have, by now, successfully created those gooey stain spots on your keys. Congratulations on discovering it.

It’s time we get them off.

Don’t worry, we know how talented and capable you are. You will get them back within a few days if you continue your routine.

This blog comes to you from a very expert person (If you associate the title with the person writing this blog – a girl)….

How To Clean Your Laptop :

Take a bucket of water, preferably warm water and add about half cup of washing liquid. Soak your laptop in this water for an hour.

Do not soak for more than an hour otherwise….. Well, frankly nothing will happen except for what will happen even if you soak it for a minute (IF YOU KNOW WAT I MEAN :P)

Anyway, let’s not get distracted, shall we?

After having soaked it, take a steel wool and vigorously rub your laptop for every place. This will remove all the dirt from your laptop. Did I say vigorously? No I meant carefully.

Now take a bucket of clean water and wash your laptop once again. You can add a few drops of lemon for an added fragrance and shine.

Once done, take your laptop and hang it on a rope out in the open for sun drying. Please make sure it’s not rainy season otherwise your laptop will get ruined. Gosh, is this even to mention :S

When your laptop dries, you can remove it from the rope and then its all ready to…………

Well…. Do I need to remind you this is Aisha’s SCRAPYARD….. what else do you expect in a scrapyard eh?

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One thought on “How (NOT) To Clean Your Laptop

  1. Thank you, I’ll consider your methods. I once used a vacuum cleaner to get all the dirt, crumbs of food, hair, finger nails and what not – but it sucked out some of the keys as well… 😛

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