An Untold Escape Story Of Gummie In Her Own Words

Pink Girl Gummie

Ever since I was born, I was called Gummie. I don’t know why but people around me shared some internal joke that they did all day by calling me Gummie.

I remember that day so clearly for I was all dressed up perfectly well. I was first given some warm and cold showers with a fruity smell body wash. When I was finished, the smell of the fruit was so strong that I smelled like a fruit itself. I had put on a new dress. It was a pink and purple dress with blue polka dots at very rare distance.

There were others like myself and we all looked like we were in some sort of uniform.

Anyway, we were then all locked up in a very dark room. We were practically all shivering inside until our body was almost frozen. We were in that room for a very long time after which we were all taken into an enclosed van. We all felt relieved for the cold was gone unaware of what lies ahead.

After travelling for 2 hours, we were all boarded on a plane.

It took us about 4 hours to reach our destination. From the airport, we were all taken into an enclosed van once again. Although this time we must have travelled for about 45 minutes, we were all so exhausted from the travelling that it seemed like ages for our final destination.

As we walked out of the enclosed van, we saw a huge glass palace which looked like a very huge mansion. It had beautiful doors and it was very big. But instead, we were taken in through the back doors where we all stayed for a while. There were many others like us from different places.

There were boys in blue dresses and they smelled great too. We all looked at each other with confused eyes, filled with horror.

We did not know why we were here and we did not know what was going to happen to us.

We soon found out.

We were all taken into the huge glass palace and were instructed about our place. We silently stood at our respective place, too scared to move away and then within moments, people started coming in. There were people of all sizes and colors. They were not in uniform. Some had long hair, some had short hair. Some were clean, some dirty and some drooling.

To be honest, they all looked crazy to me because they were all going crazy looking at us. They just wanted to grab as many of us as they could but their hands could only grab one. The ones who grabbed more than one were directed to take only one by the people who were, I guess, their incharge, for they were taking their orders.

As time passed, one by one everyone went away right in front of my eyes…

I didn’t know where to go or what was happening. I was confused…

Suddenly a hand grabbed me.

It was my time now…

This man who took me was huge. He was bigger than any of the people I saw today. He took me with him and we walked out of the mall. He looked at me with ferocious eyes and just as he was about to get a taste of me, his incharge came and said,

“Robbie, did you buy chewing gum from the mall, again? How many times do I have to tell you, your doctors have put you on a strict NO SWEET probation. Young man, you throw that gum right away.”

“Yes mommy.”

And as his incharge scolded him, This man who, now I know, is Robbie, threw me off and walked away with this woman called Mommy.

That’s how I survived to tell my escape tale to everyone.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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