Writer’s Block Is Writers Blocked Behind The Walls Of Words

Writer's Block - Text Cube

In the life of a writer, there are moments when you words are just overflowing. You pick your pen and 2 minutes later, you have an amazing poem. Then there are those times when even writing an essay on “My Favorite Color” seems like a rocket science.

This poem is a classic example.  I mean if you read it, it’s very simple but you have no idea how many times I wrote, cleared, wrote, edited, cleared, wrote this poem. 

Writer’s block sux 😦

Its been a long time since I wrote,
Its been so long that I now forget
The times when I used to write
All my feelings, joy and regret
Then came that hard stage of life
Where words were never enough to say
What I was feelings as I,
Wandered through an endless bay

So many times I picked up my pen
So many times I put it down
As I stared at the empty white paper
With sadness and a crushing frown
Where has my life brought me to
My own words have deserted me
Living without my dear passion
Without words what would my life be

Oh Aisha, do not be so sad
Words are little kids after all
They may run away for a while
But they return home when they fall
This is just a matter of time,
As the clock keeps running, tick tock
Soon you will break through
What they call, a Writer’s Block.

– Aisha

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5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block Is Writers Blocked Behind The Walls Of Words

  1. hmm the worst thing happens in writer’s life. Too much afraid to face it to me its a night mare in a brightest morning, isn’t it?

    • Exactly… It makes a writer so frustrated when he wants to write something but cannot.

  2. There is so many instances that I had encountered a writer’s block and it is so frightening and non movable in my mind and my heart felt deeply affected.

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