Amaranthine – Chapter 2 – The Man In Uniform


Chapter 1 – The Price Of War

Chapter 2 – The Man In Uniform

Beautiful Fantasy Woman In Sad Love

The Man In Uniform

The Man in uniform
Oh he thinks he is so smart
To offer me his friendship
While the war is at the start
How dare he even think
Of giving open his heart
And what was I even thinking
When I agreed on that part

I know he is an enemy
He can’t be a trusted friend
The lives that he has destroyed
Is a loss that he can never mend
He burns down my country
And speaks of putting war to end
Such a shame for a soldier
To kill rather to defend

But his eyes, his eyes
As if I looked down through his soul
He looked so sad when he talked
About the disaster & the death toll
What if he was a different one
Among the army in control?
What if he was standing alone
Against his will, against his goal?

Aaaah what in heavens am I thinking
I must be totally insane
He caused us so much suffering
He caused us so much pain
To think of my enemy as good
I must be off my brain
I will not let my heart wander to him
Or melt for him again

Be him anybody
Be him a dying soldier in my dorm
Why should I worry about him
Why should I keep him warm
Showing sympathy to an enemy
Is against my rules, against my norms
I will never, until my last breath, befriend
The Man In Uniform

– Aisha

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6 thoughts on “Amaranthine – Chapter 2 – The Man In Uniform

  1. chapeuuuuuuuuuu amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  2. uzma


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